On Wednesday 5 May, I was lucky enough to be selected along with two other students, Jaeger Fawcett and Jonathon Cole, to have a meeting/conversation, hosted by Cameron Ling, with St Joseph’s Old Collegian (1956-1962) Brian Weston, a retired Air-Vice Marshal. Brian told us many stories about not only his time at St Joseph’s 60 years ago, but also his experience flying fighter jet planes. He had many good life lessons to tell and he was a very inspirational and interesting person. Jaeger, Jonathon and I all asked one question about Brian. 

I asked Brian how his passion for flying started because from what I could gather, he had been passionate and determined to be a pilot for a long time. He explained to me that he has always been driven to become a pilot but his obsession started when he was roughly 7 years old and went to an air show with his father in 1951. Brian was intrigued by all the different mechanics used by the pilots while in the air and loved the idea of flying. He said since then he had always had a part of his heart dedicated to flying. 

Brian was very intelligent academically and was fortunate enough to finish school, because in those days it was much harder for people to graduate. Since he finished school he had the opportunity to become a pilot, so obviously he did. He was a RAAF fighter pilot for 34 years and after he finished flying he worked as a squadron commander for a bit too. Overall my time with Brian was an absolute honor and we were so grateful to have had this opportunity.

Henry Martin & Jono Cole, 7E Class Captains

When, Air Vice-Marshal Brian Weston was asked how St Joseph’s College helped with his journey to the air force, he reflected fondly on the values instilled in him during his time at the Joey’s from 1956-1962. He said Joey’s helped him to understand how to overcome making mistakes and more importantly to acknowledge mistakes and to keep moving. While not academic, Brian outlines just one of the ways Joeys taught him values and principles that stuck with him right through his time in the RAAF.

Jaeger Fawcett, Year 10 Gospel & Spirituality Touchstone Prefect