The Head of Student Services is a leadership role that is designed to write and implement our wellbeing program, provide support to students and families who are school refusing, provide guidance and support with Out of Home Care students and provide a link between our Wellness and our Wellbeing Teams.

The Wellness Team

Our Wellness team consists of three Psychologists and one Social Worker who are an integral part of the Wellbeing Team. Specifically the Wellness Team provide:
• Initial assessment and mental health support
• Consultations with parents and staff
• Targeted programs to meet student needs
• Advice about and referral to support services available in the community
• Support to Student Welfare Action Groups (SWAG) and Student Support Services
Enrolment at the College indicates parental consent for student access to all student support services. Referrals to the Wellness Team are often made by staff and parents, but students are also welcome to self-refer. Frequently, contact is made with parents, and if there is a serious risk of harm, steps are always taken to ensure the student’s safety.

How do students meet with a College clinician?

The college clinicians are located near the Career’s Office. Students can ask their Homeroom teacher or member of staff to assist them to make contact with the college clinicians. Students or their parents/guardians can phone or email them directly.

Educational Support

Educational Support at SJC is provided for students who may experience challenges with their classwork and/or learning. This can take the form of modified assessments, supervised alternate settings, adjusted learning tasks, quality differentiated teaching and individualised programs.

The College receives Federal funding to assist in supporting students with additional learning and other needs, based on evidence collected annually with the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD). The NCCD funding received at SJC assists in enabling the provision of skilled Educational Support Officers to assist the diverse range of learners at our College - in the classroom, individually and in small group settings.

The College Educational Support Staff includes a Coordinator, Education Support Teachers at Mt Sion, Westcourt and Waterford campuses and Administrative staff. The dedicated Student Support rooms within the Paul Tobias Centre are accessible to all SJC students at recess and lunch times and for customised programs or study sessions during class time. Support staff work together to help students reach their full potential educationally and assist in ensuring they are provided with opportunities and choices that lead to success. All students at St Joseph’s College are respected and valued for their unique and individual qualities and all possible measures are undertaken to ensure full participation in College life.

For further information regarding NCCD, please refer to the Fact Sheet provided in the link below:

SWAG (Student Welfare Action Group)

Fortnightly SWAG meetings are held per year level/house consisting of the Year/House Coordinator, Head of School, Wellness Team member, Careers and Ed Support staff. Proactive discussions about boys who are experiencing welfare issues are had and actions are taken from certain staff. Secure minutes are taken and certain staff action.