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Uniform - What to wear at SJC

Uniform - What to wear at SJC

The St Joseph’s College uniform is a widely recognised and highly visible symbol of our school and represents a long and proud tradition as a leader in the greater Geelong community. The uniform promotes positive community perceptions of a St Joseph’s College student, particularly when in transit to and from school. The correct wearing of the uniform is important and encourages a sense of pride in appearance and respect for oneself and helps students identify with one another and the College. It also contributes towards a sense of belonging to an inclusive, non-discriminatory and equal opportunity community. Parents/carers are asked to support the College and ensure that students leave home in the morning in full uniform that is clean and in good repair.

When you start during Term 1, you will be wearing your Summer Uniform or Summer PE Uniform. The Summer PE Uniform is worn on the day you would have your PE Practical class.

Uniform Examples

Summer Uniform - Terms 1 & 4

  • College wide brim hat
  • College jumper
  • Grey short sleeved monogrammed shirt
  • Grey shorts
  • Grey College socks
  • Black polished lace up hard leather school shoes
  • Plain black leather or vinyl belt (optional)
  • College back pack

Summer PE/Sports Uniform - Terms 1 & 4

  • Black College polo shirt (with house colour on sleeve)
  • Black College shorts with logo
  • White College socks
  • Sturdy sport runners
  • College wide brim hat
  • College rugby jumper (optional)

Winter Uniform - Terms 2 & 3

  • College blazer
  • College jumper
  • Grey long sleeved shirt
  • Long grey trousers
  • Grey College socks
  • Black polished lace up hard leather school shoes
  • Plain black leather or vinyl belt (optional)
  • College back pack
  • College tie
  • Plain black scarf (optional)

Winter PE/Sports Uniform - Terms 2 & 3

  • Black College polo shirt (with house colour on sleeve)
  • College black logo tracksuit pants
  • White College socks
  • Sturdy sport runners
  • College black logo tracksuit jacket (external garment)
  • College rugby jumper (optional)

Uniform Prices

To view the current uniform prices, visit the Noone online shop via the link below. 

The College Uniform is available from: 

Bellarine Uniforms
162 Moorabool Street Geelong. Telephone 5221 9199.

Second Hand School Specialists
Open: Monday and Saturday 10:00am - 12:00 noon
Tuesday and Friday 3:00pm - 5:00pm
21b Fairlie Street, Hamlyn Heights, 3215. Mobile: 0422 402 458
The shop is open other days and times during peak periods, check their facebook page for any adjustments to hours.
Second Hand School Supplies
9 Star Street, Geelong
P: 5229 7766
E: [email protected]

Buy and Sell Secondhand Uniform online with Sustainable School Shop


Lost Property

With over 1800 students all wearing uniform at the College, it is vitally important that parents and carers ensure ALL of their son’s uniform is clearly named. This includes drink bottles and hats. 

This will allow our staff to return lost items as soon as possible. Lost property items can be found at reception at both Edmund Rice and Westcourt Campus. 

Parent Access Module (PAM)

How to access PAM

Parent Access Module (PAM)How to access PAM

PAM is a way for parents to access our school intranet to view important information about their sons. At the start of

the year parents will be emailed their username and password and instructions on how to use PAM. The PAM allows

parents to have access to up to date assessment information as well as reports.

Some of the information available includes:

  • live and on-going marks and comments for assessment items
  • due dates and overdue work
  • mid-Semester and end-Semester reports
  • timetable and teacher information
  • behavioural incidents
  • attendance
  • daily notices for students
  • up-coming events
  • presentations for parents from information evenings.

Click the link below for more information:

PAM Information - How to setup a medical profile


What is Operoo?

Operoo is a secure application where parents/carers store all the medical information for their sons. Parents and carers share this information with the school. All excursions, camp permissions and information forms are distributed through the Operoo app and parents are able to sign permission forms via their smart phone or computer. Time consuming medical information forms are no longer required for all college events as staff have access to the most up-to-date information available for each student via their phone for the duration of the event. Parents can update their details and their son’s medical status at any time.


All new parents / carers will receive an email prompting them to complete an Operoo profile for their son.

Download Operoo App for iTunes:

Download Operoo App for Android:

How to share a Operoo profile with St Joseph's College when you have an existing Operoo account


Further questions on OperooVisit the Operoo FAQ page (see link below) and type in any questions you may have, or alternatively contact the College. https://support.operoo.com/portal/en/kb/https-support-operoo-com-portal-en-kb-operoo

Getting to and from school, Buses, Cars & Bikes

General Information - Student Travel

Travel on public transport or contract bus is available for students from most Geelong suburbs and surrounding districts. The cost of transport and eligibility for conveyance allowance are governed by the student’s place of residence.

Travel and Public Behaviour

Responsible behaviour is expected of students at all times. This is particularly important when traveling to and from school on buses. The traveling public and fellow students are to be treated with respect. Failure to meet these expectations may result in the loss of the right to travel on the bus and/or some other appropriate disciplinary action.
Students are to follow directions given by staff supervising the bus set down.
Appropriate behaviour and correct uniform are also expected of students walking to and from school or traveling by other means of transport. This also applies when students are in a public place e.g. supermarkets / shopping centres. We require parent support in this, as the College is judged by the way students appear and behave in public.


Students who ride bicycles to school must use the bike racks near the VCE building and are required to provide their own lock. As required by law, all bike riders must wear an approved safety helmet. Students riding bicycles are not required to wear their blazer while riding but are required to bring it to school in Terms 2 and 3.


Students traveling by car should be dropped off and collected from near the Queens Road entrance. Please note that council regulations do not permit cars stopping on the school crossing or in areas where there are marked yellow lines - if you stop your car to allow passengers to exit or enter the vehicle, you are considered parked - and can be fined accordingly. Council Officers regularly patrol the area. To avoid fines and for the safety of our students, we recommend you follow simple common sense, if you would not park a car in a particular place, then you shouldn't stop there to pick up or drop off students.

Bus Travel


If your son lives in one of the following suburbs AND the address is further than 4.8km (shortest practical route Bing Maps) from St Joseph’s College, you may be eligible to claim a conveyance refund from the Department of Education. The process to purchase a claimable Geelong Regional Student Pass (MYKI) for travel is outlined below.

  1. Current students all receive a PTV approved student ID card, please take this with you when you purchase your son's Geelong Regional Student Pass.
  2. If you are a new student to the College and do not have your PTV approved student ID card, a Public Transport Student Concession Form will be required to be completed. Public Transport Students Concession forms are available via the College office, train stations and www.ptv.vic.gov.au from around mid-January. The cost of the concession card is approximately $10, requires 2 passport sized photos and must be verified by College Reception prior to your Geelong Regional Student Pass purchase.
  3. Purchase a Geelong Regional Student Pass – (Yearly or Half Yearly MYKI) from any train station. The cost of a yearly Geelong Regional Student Pass is approximately $370.
  4. Complete a Student Conveyance Allowance Application. The Conveyance Allowance Application form can be downloaded via the link below: 

    Conveyance Allowance Application Form

  5. The receipt of the Geelong Regional Student Pass (MYKI) and a Student Conveyance Allowance Application must be submitted to the College before a claim can be made. Funds received will be reimbursed to you via your school fee account. Claims cannot be made for the top-up or replacement of the MYKI.

Examples of Geelong Region areas:

Armstrong Creek

Indented Head

Ocean Grove

Barwon Heads

Jan Juc


Bell Park


Pt Lonsdale

Bell Post Hill





St Albans Park

Clifton Springs

Lovely Banks *




Wandana Heights *


Mt Duneed




Waurn Ponds




*only some areas


If your son will be traveling on the bus to school, you can purchase a yearly or half-yearly MYKI, as explained above. Unfortunately, there is no reimbursement available for travelers who reside within 4.8kms.

Alternatively, you may obtain a MYKI card and load money onto this card as needed.

If your son is 17 years or over he will also need to carry his student ID card or if new to the College, complete and purchase a Public Transport Student Concession card, in order for him to travel at a concession rate.

For information on the whereabouts of your nearest bus stop and pick-up/drop-off times, please contact the bus company which services your area:

McHarry’s Buslines www.mcharrys.com.au or call 5223 2111

CDC Victoria (formally Benders Buslines) www.cdcvictoria.com.au or call 5240 5000


If your son lives in one of the following suburbs, you may be entitled to receive bus travel on a Government Contract Bus to and from school at no cost. A PTV Application for Permission to Travel – Eligible Students form must be completed and returned to the College. Download the PTV Application for Permission to Travel on the Country bus form below: 

PTV Application for Permission To Travel Form

Bus passes are not issued for this travel.

Parents receive information about bus routes and times by email, from the regional co-ordinating school after their application for travel is processed.

Examples of country areas are:

Aireys Inlet


Lovely Banks (some areas)


Freshwater Creek














Bells Beach




Little River


If at any stage during your son’s enrolment at the College you have a change of address, the College must be notified immediately. New bus or conveyance forms will then need to be completed in order for your son to travel on the bus or claim conveyancing.

Please direct any further queries about bus conveyance to:
Lisa McDine
at St Joseph’s - [email protected]

*Please note that the information provided is a guide only.

Bus Travel FAQ

Subject Information for Students

Student Subject Information

If you are a new student starting at the College, Subject Information is available for each year level is available and contains further information on some of the classes you will take in your first year here. Click on the links below for information:

Year 7 & 8 - Waterford

 Year 9 - Westcourt

Years 10-12 - Mt Sion


Ordering lunches

What's for lunch?

Both our Edmund Rice Campus and Westcourt Campus run a canteen.
At the Edmund Rice Campus, you can order your lunch online via the College shop, or at both Campus' you can order by visiting the canteen in the morning before Homeroom. Orders can be collected from the canteen at lunch time.

There is also an over-the-counter service at both canteens that allow you to purchase food and drinks at both recess and lunch. There are also breakfast options available before Homeroom with items such as toasted sandwiches, Up & Go, yoghurt etc. available to purchase so you don't start the day on an empty stomach!

You can view the Edmund Rice Campus Canteen menu on the College shop. The Westcourt canteen has its own menu which is posted at the canteen on Campus.

Order Your Lunch Online:

Once you are a student at St Joseph's, you can order your lunch online via the College shop. Just make sure to order your lunch before Homeroom on the day you would like it.

If you have not logged in before, select 'forgot your password' to setup a new password

Download the current  Edmund Rice Campus Canteen Menu below

Edmund Rice Campus Canteen Menu 2023

Download the Westcourt Campus Canteen Menu below

Westcourt Campus Canteen Menu 2023


Class Times

When does the bell go?

Class Times

Homeroom 9:00am – 9:10am
Period 1 9:12am – 9:59am
Period 2 10:01am – 10:48am
Recess 10:48am – 11:13am
Period 3 11:13am – 12:00pm
Period 4 12:02pm – 12:49pm
Lunch 12:49pm – 1:39pm
Period 5 1:39pm – 2:26pm
Period 6 2:28pm – 3:15pm

Westcourt Times

Homeroom 9:00am – 9:10am
Period 1 9:12am – 9:59am
Period 2 10:01am – 10:48am
Recess 10:48am – 11:12am
Period 3 11:12am – 11:59am
Period 4 12:01pm – 12:48pm
Lunch 12:48pm – 1:34pm
Period 5 1:34pm – 2:21pm
Period 6 2:23pm – 3:10pm

Assembly Class Times

From time to time the College will gather for an Assembly, on those days the bell schedule will be slightly different.

Homeroom 8:50am – 9:00am
Period 1 9:02am – 9:46am
Period 2 9:53am – 10:32am
Recess 10:32am – 10:52am
Period 3 10:54am – 11:38am
Period 4 11:40am – 12:24pm
ASSEMBLY 12:30pm - 1:10pm
Lunch 1:10pm-1:48pm
Period 5 1:50pm – 2:34pm
Period 6 2:36pm - 3:20pm

Westcourt Tuesday Gathering Times

Gathering 8:50am – 9:15am
Period 1 9:15am – 10:03am
Period 2 10:03am – 10:55am
Recess 10:55am – 11:15am
Period 3 11:20am – 12:07am
Period 4 12:07am – 12:53pm
Lunch 12:53pm – 1:13pm
Period 5 1:38pm – 2:25pm
Period 6 2:25pm – 3:10pm

College Houses

What are the Houses?

Students are allocated to Houses, which were named in 1960 in honour of four Brothers who gave outstanding service to the College.

Br Cornelius Placidus Foley, Br Francis Bertrand Jordan, Br John Benignus Brophy and Br Richard Xavier Butler.

The House mascots and colours are:

Brophy Bees - Yellow Butler Sharks - Blue Foley Falcons – Green Jordan Redbacks - Red

The Houses compete for the Adam Bryant Memorial House Competition Shield. Points are awarded for participation
in a variety of activities and initiatives throughout the school year.

Read more about the College Houses on our website


College Newsletter

News & events at SJC

The newsletter is published fortnightly during school terms. We ask that parents read the newsletter as it is the main means of communication. The newsletter is forwarded electronically via email to parents and also posted on our College website.

Please include your email address with your contact details at the College. In accordance with the College’s sustainability policy, we do not post out printed copies of the newsletter.

You can also visit us on social media! 
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube!

You can find links to all of these accounts here: 

College Expectations & Procedures

What is expected of our students

The following procedures have been developed to ensure that the school operates efficiently and is a safe
and pleasant learning environment for all.

Click on the link below to download the College Expectations & Procedures

Extra Curricular Activities

There's more than classrooms at SJC!

In addition to their studies, students may participate in various cultural, academic, sporting and leisure activities. These all provide a wide range of opportunity and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Some of these options include:

  • Join the Junior Band, make some noise in our Junior Drumline or learn an instrument with our Music Program
  • Play team sports such as football, soccer, cricket, basketball and badminton - or participate in House sport challenges!
  • Compete in our debating and public speaking teams
  • Lend a hand to the environment with our Sustainability team
  • Step up and inspire others as a student leader
  • Volunteer with our breakfast programs
  • Test out your acting skills with drama productions
  • Jump into training with our cross country, athletics, mountain biking, swimming, golf or surfing teams
  • Investigate the library clubs and activities including movie club, tech & robotics or join in lunchtime activities

Every year there is more to explore - so get out there and give it a go!

Finding your way around

Maps of the College

It can be a bit daunting starting at a new school and finding your way around. It is a good idea before you start at St Joseph's to take a walk around the College grounds on a weekend, or during school holidays with family or friends so you can familiarise yourself with the campus without the pressure of making it to class on time.

Have a look at the maps below to find out where things are at the College, we also provide maps in the school diary so you can check while you are here. If you get lost, ask a staff member, they will be happy to help you!

Edmund Rice Campus - Ground Floor

Edmund Rice Campus - First Floor

Westcourt Map

How to tie a tie

Master your school tie

One of the pieces of the College uniform is - a tie.

This may be the first time you have had to wear a tie as part of your school uniform, it takes a few practices to remember how to tie one up, so here is a video and instructions so you can practice at home!
(this is also good practice for later in life - you never know when you will be asked to wear a suit!)

Download printable instructions by clicking the below link:

Or watch the quick video on how to tie a tie

Laptop Information

Computing at school


The main purpose of the Notebook Program is to provide a notebook computer for every student in order to help them learn and become smart, safe and responsible users of ICT. The use of personal notebook computers helps to ensure the best contemporary education is available for our boys at St Joseph’s. Every student will have their own laptop - it will have their name clearly marked on the cover, it is the student's responsibility to look after and charge his laptop so it is in good working order for classes.

Hire of the Notebook

The College purchases the notebook and families hire the notebook for use by the student attending the school. The

College will recall all notebooks for maintenance over the summer break.

Distribution of Notebook Computers

Notebook computers will be distributed the week before school commences for Term 1 and notebooks will be returned
before the summer break to undergo maintenance and upgrades.

Policies and Procedures

School policies regarding the use of notebook computers will be in line with current Computer Appropriate Use Policies
and procedures for the care and use of computers will apply. Notebook computers are supervised when used at school
and must always be transported in the carry bag.

Internet Filtering at Home

An email will be sent early in Term 1 for parents who wish to opt to allow the school internet filter to operate outside
the school.


Games are not allowed to be installed on the notebooks. Apart from ‘educational games’ required by the teacher, all
games are banned from being played on computers and other electronic devices at school.
It is important to discuss game playing at home with your son and agree to rules regarding the playing of games –
especially online games.

Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs

Computers provided by the College are covered by 3 year warranty. Parents will pay for any repairs for accidental
damage up to a capped amount of $250 per repair (inc. GST). Any deliberate damage will result in complete costs being

charged to the parents.

Late, unwell or on holiday

What to do if you aren't here

Late Pass

If a student arrives late (after 9.00am) he is to report to Reception. A late pass will be stamped into the Student Diary and this must be shown to the teacher along with a satisfactory explanation or parental note before entry to the class is granted. Parents need to enter a note into the student’s diary with the reason he is late. Parents/Carers can enter this on PAM so when the student presents to reception the staff can see the notes on the system.

Day Pass

If a student must leave the school grounds during the day, parents can enter this on PAM and when the students presents to reception staff will see the authority on the system. Alternative a note from a parent/guardian must be brought to school or written in the student diary. Then the student can have a day pass filled out (collect them from College Reception). Normally such a pass is then signed by the Year Level Coordinator. The student retains a section of the day pass for identification. Students returning to the College must sign in at Reception. As far as possible, we ask that appointments be made out of school hours.

Absence from School

School attendance is a high priority at St Joseph’s. Our duty of care demands that we know where students are during school hours, therefore the College must be informed of student absences before 10:00am on the day the student is absent.

Notify of absence via SMS

Our preferred method of notification is by SMS to 0427 687 117. Text your son’s name, year level and reason for absence.

This number can only be used for SMS messaging. It will not receive voice calls. Mobile numbers must be registered with us to use this system.

The College will notify parents by an SMS on their mobile phones if students are absent or late to school without reason. This occurs each day starting at approximately 11:00am. Please ensure the College has your current mobile telephone numbers.

If your son is away for an extended time (outside of normal school holidays) the College also requires an email to

[email protected]

Notify of absence via PAM

More recently the option to use your PAM account is available to enter absences. Login to your PAM account or use the app and enter the absence. This will enter the absence and reason directly onto your son’s roll at the College. This process can be used to enter partial absence, for example if your son has to leave at 2.30 for a medical appointment or won’t be arriving until 10.45 as he has an appointment.

Login to PAM

Students on Extended Leave

When students are absent on holiday during regular school term:
• parents need to write to the Principal providing details of why and when the student will be absent from school. This correspondence will be acknowledged by the College
• St Joseph’s College teaching staff will not provide work for students who are absent from class and miss teaching/learning due to holidays taken in term time, unless organised weeks in advance
• course outlines will be provided by the subject teacher and available through the school intranet if requested so that parents can deliver/arrange appropriate instruction through a tutor
• it will be the responsibility of the student to arrange alternative dates for assessment task completion prior to his departure
• if the student does not submit the assessment work prior to his departure, he may receive a grade NS (not submitted) for each task
• if the student is absent for a period longer than two weeks, the assessment of his work will be made on the tasks completed for the period of the semester he has been in attendance at school. These absences may have a detrimental effect in subject areas where sequential learning is important.

Sick Bay

If your son is unwell before leaving for school, we ask that he stays at home, the College does not have the facility to take care of unwell students long term in sick bay. If a student is unwell whilst at school, he should ask his class teacher for permission to go to the sick bay. Students are asked not to ring home direct if they are unwell. If the student is not well enough to return to class, a parent or the nominated emergency contact will be notified and asked to collect the student. The student will need to be signed out through the Sick Bay Register when collected. Please ensure you have notified the College of an emergency contact person in the event a parent cannot be contacted.

Medication to Students

When students are required to take medication during school hours, parents are required to provide a signed letter with a suitable container, labelled with the student’s name, the dose and the time medication is to be taken. Medication will be stored and dispensed by the Office Manager and details will be recorded in the Student Diary.
All students with special medical or health needs (i.e. anaphylaxis, asthma) must have a medical action plan signed by a medical practitioner (updated annually). For those students who require an Epipen (autoinjector), parents must provide one for the student to carry with him at all times and an additional Epipen to be stored at reception. Any queries please contact the Office Manager, on 5226 8113 or [email protected].

Locks & Lockers

How to open your lock

Want to work out how to use your combination lock? They can seem tricky, but once you get the hang of it - it's easy!

Practice opening and closing your lock at home if you get time.

Each student is provided with a locker and a combination lock.

  • students will not normally be permitted to attend lockers during class time
  • under no circumstances should valuables be brought to school
  • the College accepts no responsibility for items stored in lockers
  • lockers are only to be used for the storage of school books, sports equipment and lunch
  • combination lock numbers should be memorised, but not written down. Students who forget their combination number can get this from the Property Manager’s Office. Under no circumstances should students tell others the combination numbers to their lock
  • lockers must remain locked at all times
  • stickers, labels or other similar material must not be attached to lockers
  • writing, of any description, is not permitted on the outside or inside of lockers
  • the College reserves the right to inspect lockers and their contents at any time
  • any breach of locker security is to be reported immediately to the Deputy Principals or the Director of Students
  • students are responsible for the combination lock issued to them. Those who lose their locks will be charged the cost of replacement.

Watch the video below or download the instructions on how to open your lock:

Parent Involvement

Join the fun at SJC!

Be a part of our College Community

There are many ways parents, family members and carers can become involved at St Joseph's College, from our wonderful Canteen Volunteers who help with serving and preparing lunches, to our parents who lend us a hand at College events, perhaps cook a spare meal for our Care Group or inspire future generations by helping our Careers Centre. The Men's Association is a great way for dads or male carers to get involved with working bees - followed by a BBQ!

Volunteering is also a great way to make some new connections with fellow parents and have some fun! If you think you could share some of your time or experience with us - we would love to hear from you.

How you can be a part of SJC

Click on the link below for all the information you need about volunteering at St Joseph's including detailed descriptions of opportunities we have available. 

Volunteer with us

Phones, Games and Messages

Using phones at school

Mobile Telephones, iPods, MP3s and Electronic Games

The College strongly advises students not to bring these items to school.
Should students choose to bring them to school:
• they must not be used or turned on during school hours including recess and lunchtime
• the College accepts no responsibility for these items in the event of their loss or damage
• students using or having these items turned on during school hours will have them confiscated. They will be returned after 48 hours or after parental discussion.

College Mobile Phone Policy

As a condition of enrolment parents agree to accept a range of College policies including the mobile phone policy. As part of this policy parents agree that senior staff may inspect material stored on a mobile phone in the event of it being confiscated from the student. Policies are published annually in the student Diary and are available on the College website.

Messages for Students

Parents sometimes call the College asking for a message to be relayed to a student. It is unfair to expect that a message will be delivered to students during the school day unless it is urgent or relating to an emergency. We have a large campus with numerous classrooms and play areas and the College does not have a PA system. Students can be attending any number of activities, classes, excursions, assemblies etc. We ask you to consider the disruption that the delivery of a message can cause to staff and students. If a student does forget his lunch, he can present his diary at the school canteen and pay the next day. As mobile phone use is not allowed during school hours, we also ask that you do not rely on sending text messages to your son as it will encourage him to have his phone in use.


Creating a greener future

At St Joseph’s College, we are committed to helping students develop their knowledge and understanding of the natural world and to gain an appreciation of how their actions impact on the environment and influence change. We aim to foster the notion of stewardship by incorporating environmentally conscious actions in our daily activities across all facets of our College life, to help inspire students to take action for a more sustainable future.


We encourage a “nude food” approach to making school lunches, students are encouraged
to bring a “plastic wrap free” lunch and reusable water bottle to school and present it during Homeroom.


SJC reusable water bottles and Fuel brand Envirowraps are available for purchase at St Joseph’s College.
Items may be purchased at the Edmund Rice Campus Canteen or Westcourt Campus Reception.

Want to know more about sustainability at SJC? Then visit:

Sustainability at St Joseph's