Recognising Individual needs

Career development involves managing learning and work activities in order to live a productive and fulfilling life. It is both complex and unique. Each student’s preferred career pathway will be different, influenced by diverse personal characteristics, life experiences, abilities and interests. The careers education program at St Joseph’s College aims to cater for the needs of all students by providing a range of opportunities for career exploration and growth. It is designed to deliver planned learning and activities that help students develop the attributes and skills that will allow them to make informed decisions about their study and/or work options, and to participate effectively in their community. All students have the ability to access one-on-one careers counselling and access regular and up to date career information and management tools via the school Careers web page:

Career Opportunity and Experience

Careers education is further complemented by additional opportunities and programs offered to students including activities and presentations during Careers Week, Community Service, Work Experience, careers excursions as well as School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Careers Education

In order to be prepared to take the next step into the world of further education, training and work, students at St Joseph’s now begin their career development at Year 7 and continue with career activities through to Year 12.
In addition to careers education, students are also provided with the opportunity to undertake online career investigation testing through programs including Careers Voyage, Careers Match and Wirl.

Careers Resource Centre

The Careers Resource Centre is an innovative and flexible space where students from all year levels are welcome to access a range of careers resources and information, as well as participate in careers seminars, classes and workshops.

The Careers Webpage

Students leaving school are faced with a dynamic and challenging environment. Social and economic environments are constantly changing. When exploring career options, students are presented with large amounts of information from many different sources and agencies. Should they undertake further tertiary education? Which course of study will be the right one? Should they pursue an apprenticeship or traineeship? Do they want to undertake a GAP year? What happens if they change their mind? Where else can they get information?
The Careers web page is available to students, and parents, at school and at home. It contains a lot of information across a range of topic area, including a Weekly Careers Newsletter. The web page also includes a list of useful websites as well as resources to assist with career related tasks such as resume and letter writing.
Have a look at the Careers web page at:

The Future

The careers education program at St Joseph’s College will continue to grow and evolve to ensure that students are provided with an informed and realistic pathway through their school years into higher education, training, work and beyond.

Careers Centre Information:

Ms Karen Shum
Career Advisor

Available from 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Contact details: (03) 52 26 8143
Email: [email protected]

SJC Careers Website

This is an important resource for all students who are considering their career pathways after completing their time at St Joseph's College.

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