Sustainability at SJC

Creating a greener future

At St Joseph’s College, we are committed to helping students develop their knowledge and understanding of the natural world and to gain an appreciation of how their actions impact on the environment and influence change. We aim to foster the notion of stewardship by incorporating environmentally conscious actions in our daily activities across all facets of our College life, to help inspire students to take action for a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Leadership

Students with a passion for the environment may elect to become a Sustainability Leader. This leadership role may continue for the duration in which the student is enrolled at St Joseph’s. Applications for Sustainability Leadership may be completed online via the sustainability website at:

Community Service

Students may elect to complete their community service hours in the form of stewardship for our environment. Two opportunities exist on National Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Planting Day. Further information regarding these events, will be published in the St Joseph’s College newsletters.


With the aim of reducing our carbon footprint, an extensive recycling regime has been established at the College. Recycling of waste in the college grounds encompasses: Fully commingled recycling, recycling ‘soft plastics’ (REDcycling), composting via worm farming and the Bokashi system, Ewaste (items with electrical components), polystyrene, woodwork off cuts, sawdust and shredded paper. Paper is also recycled in the classroom with the use of paper "re-use" trays for storage. Various other items such as: batteries, bread clips, corks, ink toner, light globes and stamps are also recycled.
In addition, we have established an ongoing collection of pre-loved bicycles and football boots for donation to the needy and indigenous groups respectively. Students are expected to take responsibility for the appropriate management and recycling of their waste and should endeavour to learn where and how all items are recycled.

St Joseph's A-Z Recycling Guide

The St Joseph’s A-Z Recycling guide may be accessed on the Sustainability website at:

How do I know what goes in the right bins at St Joseph's?

Cut the Wrap

To encourage students to adopt a “nude food” approach to making lunches on a permanent basis, we have
introduced weekly Cut the Wrap days for Years 7 to 9 students. On selected days, students are encouraged
to bring a “plastic wrap free” lunch and reusable water bottle to school and present it during Homeroom.
Students participating will each receive a credit stamp and classes with 100% participation (on any given week)
will be rewarded with a prize. Note: A canteen order or money for the canteen, does not qualify as a wrap
free lunch.

Drink Bottles and Envirowraps for sale

SJC reusable water bottles and Fuel brand Envirowraps are available for purchase at St Joseph’s College.
Items may be purchased at the Edmund Rice Campus Canteen or Westcourt Campus Reception.

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