Policies & Codes

Child Safeguarding Policies

General Policies

Student Management

Child Safeguarding (Safety and Wellbeing) Policy

EREA Workplace Bullying, Discrimination, and Harassment Policy

SJC Student Wellbeing Policy

Child Safeguarding (Responding and Reporting Obligations) Policy

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Student Expectations and Procedures

    Child Safety Code of Conduct Policy

    Drugs (Illicit) and Alcohol - Student Use Policy

    Suspension of Students Policy

    Negotiated Transfer of Students Policy

    Expulsion of Students Policy

    Student Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct Policy

    EREA Whistleblower Program

    Anti-bullying and Restorative Practices Policy

    Child Safeguarding Complaints Management Policy

    EREA Complaints Handling Policy

    Excursion Management Policy

    Child Safeguarding Record Keeping Policy

    EREA Privacy Policy

    Assessment and Reporting Policy

    Student Participation and Empowerment Policy

    EREA Privacy Guidelines

    Acceleration and Retention Policy

    Family and Community Involvement in Child Safeguarding Policy

    SJC Privacy Policy

    Homestudy Policy

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students Policy (Child Safeguarding)

    Photography, Video and Other Recordings

    Student Attendance Policy and Procedures

    Students from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds Policy (Child Safeguarding)

    SJC OH & S Policy

    College Uniform and Dress Code

    Students with Disability Policy (Child Safeguarding)

    SJC Volunteer Policy 

    LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Policy (Child Safeguarding)

    Child Safeguarding Risk Management Policy

    Access Arrangements for Separated Parents and Guardians 

    Health Policies

    Information Technology

    First Aid Policy

    Social Media - Organisational Usage Policy

    Student Medical Records

    Social Media - Personal Usage Policy

    Arrangements for Ill or Injured Students Policy

    Student Use of Mobile Devices

    Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

    Appropriate Computer Use Policy - Students

    Anaphylaxis Management Policy

    Computer Surveillance Policy

    Asthma Management

    Monitoring Computer Use Policy

    Diabetes Management

    SJC Online Learning - Student Code of Conduct

    Infectious Diseases (Student)

    SJC Online Learning - Staff Code of Conduct

    Concussion Management

    Allergy Awareness

    Medical Health Care Plans for High-Risk Students

    Medication Administration

    Sun Protection (Students)

    Democratic Principles

    St Joseph’s College acknowledges Australian democratic values which includes a commitment to the following:
    • Elected government
    • The rule of law
    • Equal rights for all before the law
    • Freedom of religion
    • Freedom of speech and association
    • The values of openness and tolerance