Our Student Support Services & programs

In line with its vision statement, St Joseph’s College recognises that all students have individual strengths and weaknesses. For some boys who fall within the criteria for gifted learners, greater challenges in learning will be required. For others, whose day-to-day learning is influenced by the existence of one or more difficulties or weaknesses, additional support is needed.

The role of Educational Support Services is to address the learning needs of any student facing individual challenges. The goal of the Educational Support Services team is to work collaboratively with teaching staff to provide a learning setting that acknowledges and supports individual needs through focused and targeted teaching.

Student Wellbeing Team

Pastoral Care occurs when a personal interest is taken in each student. To enable this each student is a member of a Homeroom group in the care of a Homeroom teacher. Homeroom groups meet at the beginning of each day. As well, a Pastoral Program is incorporated into the Religious Education Program and is generally delivered by the Homeroom teacher.
Each Homeroom is part of a year level under the care of the Year Level Coordinator. This pastoral structure is supported by the Director of Students, the Deputy Principals and the Student Support Services, which includes the College Psychologists, the Educational Support Team and the Careers Counsellor.
The Homeroom teacher will usually be the first point of contact between home and school where there is a concern about a student’s welfare or progress, or for the explanation of a student absence.

Educational Support

Educational Support at SJC is provided for students who may experience challenges with their classwork and/or learning. This can take the form of modified assessments, supervised alternate settings, adjusted learning tasks, quality differentiated teaching and individualised programs.

The College receives Federal funding to assist in supporting students with additional learning and other needs, based on evidence collected annually with the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD). The NCCD funding received at SJC assists in enabling the provision of skilled Educational Support Officers to assist the diverse range of learners at our College - in the classroom, individually and in small group settings.

The College Educational Support Staff includes a Coordinator, Education Support Teachers at Mt Sion, Westcourt and Waterford campuses and Administrative staff. The dedicated Student Support rooms within the Paul Tobias Centre are accessible to all SJC students at recess and lunch times and for customised programs or study sessions during class time. Support staff work together to help students reach their full potential educationally and assist in ensuring they are provided with opportunities and choices that lead to success. All students at St Joseph’s College are respected and valued for their unique and individual qualities and all possible measures are undertaken to ensure full participation in College life.

For further information regarding NCCD, please refer to the Fact Sheet provided in the link below: