Vision - Creating a greener future

At St Joseph’s College, we are committed to helping students develop their knowledge and understanding of the natural world and to gain an appreciation of how their actions impact on the environment and influence change. We aim to foster the notion of stewardship by incorporating environmentally conscious actions in our daily activities across all facets of our College life, to help inspire students to take action for a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Leadership

Sustainability leaders are appointed on a volunteer basis and may remain a member of the Sustainability team for the duration of their enrolment at St Joseph’s College.

Leaders are encouraged to foster a sustainable approach to all ecological endeavours and lead by example, to inspire others to take action to reduce their carbon footprint.

As ambassadors for their year level, sustainability leaders attend regular meetings and develop and promote sustainability initiatives. They are provided opportunity to broaden their community networks by becoming actively involved in National events including; Earth hour, Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Planting Day and other local events incorporating Community tree planting and recycling workshops at local Primary Schools.

Students may apply to become a Sustainability Leader via the link below.

Sustainability Leadership Application

Students from any year level may apply to become a Sustainability Leader.
The Sustainability team ideally encompasses representatives from each year level and for any given year, we aim to appoint at least one representative from each Year 7 homeroom and at least two students from every other year level. Once appointed, students may elect to continue their role as a Sustainability Leader subsequent years for which they are students at St Joseph’s College.

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Reducing our Ecological Footprint

At St Joseph’s College we are committed to develop and implement sustainable practices to reduce our ecological footprint and our guiding principles and strategic approach is outlined in our Sustainability Policy (See link) and School Environmental Management Plan (See link). With our involvement in Sustainability Victoria’s ResourceSmart program and the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP), our actions are centered around resource management in the areas of Biodiversity, Energy, Waste and Water.

Biodiversity Initiatives

  • - Carey Oval embankment revegetation project
  • - Indigenous food garden beds
  • - Interactive Indigenous flora species QR Codes
  • - Indigenous flora and fauna species register

Energy Initiatives

  • - 100kW Solar panel installation at Edmund Rice Campus
  • - 85.4kW Solar panel installation at Westcourt Campus
  • - Solar powered “Talking Bin”
  • - ResourceSmart Energy Secondary School of the Year Finalist (2016)

Waste Initiatives

  • - ResourceSmart Waste Secondary School of the Year Award (2015
  • - ResourceSmart Waste Secondary School of the Year Finalist (2016)
  • - Extensive recycling regime
  • - Polymer Reforming Plant
  • - Portable recycling stations
  • - “Cut the Wrap” approach to making lunches
  • - “Take 3 for the Sea” video competition

Water Initiatives

  • - Sustainable garden drinking stations
  • - Wicking garden beds
  • - 139,900Litres Rainwater tank storage


With the aim of reducing our carbon footprint, an extensive recycling regime has been established at St Joseph’s College. Recycling of waste in the college grounds encompasses: Fully commingled recycling and composting via worm farming and the Bokashi system. Other recycling endeavours throughout the college incorporates; Aluminium cans, Craft items, Ewaste (items with electrical components), Ink cartridges & toner, ‘soft plastics’ (REDcycling), polystyrene, shredded paper, woodwork off cuts. Paper is also recycled in the classroom with the use of paper "re-use" trays for storage. Various small items including: batteries, bread clips, corks, plastic bottle tops (numbers 2 & 4 only) and stamps are also recycled.

St Joseph’s College has established an ongoing collection of pre-loved items including; bicycles, blankets, bras, clothing and shoes for donation to various organisations.

Students are expected to take responsibility for the appropriate management and recycling of their waste and should endeavour to learn where and how all items are recycled.

All families are encouraged to support our CUT THE WRAP initiative by ensuring students bring a “plastic waste free” lunch and reusable water bottle (filled) to school each day.

The St Joseph’s A-Z Recycling guide

How do I know what goes in the right bin at St Joseph's?

There are lots of different coloured bins around the College, so it is good to know exactly what bin you should be using. Hover over the image of the bin below to see what sort of items can be placed in it. 


Service Learning is an integral component of our commitment to stewardship and working toward ecological sustainability. Enviroservice is essentially service learning in the form of stewardship for the environment. Enviroservice is conducted each term and students may elect to complete their three hours of service learning hours by participating in an Enviroservice initiative. Students may also elect to participate in an approved based Enviroservice outside of school hours such as National Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Planting Day.