At St Joseph’s College we are fortunate to have refugee families adding to the cultural fabric and diversity of our school community. These families bring a wealth of knowledge and skills and are keen to share their cultures and contribute to school life as they build their new lives.

Each year families are welcomed to the College by attending an afternoon tea which is an opportunity to meet and interact and build relationships within the school community. It also ensures that the students feel comfortable in, and connected to, their new community.

The students who attend the college are supported by regular contact with the Refugee coordinator. The coordinator is the key advocate for these students within the school and is involved in all aspects of their enrolment including the academic and wellbeing of the students. The College also utilises broader community programs and information offered through Foundation House, MACs and Diversitat. Students are supported by regular weekly tutoring by volunteers from Ed Connect and Mercy Works These sessions are implemented to bridge their cultural backgrounds with their experience at St Joseph’s College. College Staff are offered PD opportunities to build skills in EAL and in understanding the needs of students with a refugee background.

Each year the College recognises National Refugee week. During Refugee Week, the College community raises awareness through teaching and learning for refugees in our broader community. Students and staff participate in a Circle of Solidarity which is a public declaration each year which in the tradition of Edmund Rice, Refugees are welcome here.