Ad Alta Excellence Program

St. Joseph’s Ad Alta Excellence Program is dedicated to fostering the potential of talented students and guiding them on a journey towards achieving excellence in their chosen fields. Grounded in the philosophy that each student possesses unique talents, our program is committed to creating a supportive and enriching environment that encourages growth, self-discovery, and a sense of purpose.

We understand the importance of identifying and nurturing these talents, and as such, we provide specialised guidance and opportunities tailored to individual strengths and aspirations. The factors that facilitate talent development within our program include opportunities for sustained deliberate practice, access to quality teaching and curriculum options, programs promoting resilience and perseverance, and the provision of a supportive learning environment, all outlined in an individual learning plan.

Students are nominated by staff, and extensive information is gathered to ensure we have a full understanding of the student’s talents and learning requirements. Our deliberate talent development programs are designed to systematically cultivate the skills and knowledge required for higher performance. Recognising that a student progresses through various talent development stages, we customise programs to align with each student's potential trajectory. If you would like your child to be considered for the Ad Alta program, please discuss this with your son’s homeroom teacher.

Effective evidence-based talent development programs in our curriculum encompass differentiation, grouping for teaching and learning, enrichment, and extra-curricular programs, as well as advanced learning pathways through acceleration. High potential and gifted students may progress more quickly than their peers, and to support their development, we offer various opportunities to extend or accelerate their learning.

Enrichment and extra-curricular programs play a crucial role in talent development for high potential students, providing sustained, challenging, and purposeful experiences. These programs are targeted to their specific talents and may include student leadership initiatives, sports pathways programs, coaching and mentoring, and subject-based extension and enrichment programs

St. Joseph’s Ad Alta Excellence Program, is committed to providing a holistic and enriching experience for our talented students, recognizing and nurturing their potential for remarkable achievements. The overview of the Ad Alta below gives a general indication of programs on offer as students move through St Joseph’s. However, a more bespoke program may be possible to suit the individual needs of students.


The Ad Alta Excellence Program during years 7 and 8 aims to identify students of academic excellence and giftedness, both broadly or in particular subjects and areas of interest. Students identified for these programs will be offered opportunities to extend their skillset in their field as well as work with other students within the program to develop their ability and skills. They will be able to represent the school in a range of external activities, including ACC competitions. Students will be placed on an Individual Learning Plan and offered support and mentoring throughout the process.


The Ad Alta Excellence program at Westcourt looks to build on and continue the academic excellence developed by students during their Waterford years. This includes more leadership opportunities within the Westcourt program, and areas of personal interest through the Westcourt Project, as well as extension subject offerings in Mathematics and Science.

Westcourt also sees the introduction of support for students of Sporting Excellence. Target programs such as the High-Performance Academy and participation in regular ACC sporting activities are developed to supplement students’ sporting pursuits outside of the school.

Mt Sion

The senior years of schooling allows students of academic excellence to develop an individual pathway through years 10 to 12, including multiple forms of acceleration and extension. This includes greater access to careers counseling, student support, mentoring and connections to the broader school community. Students can also participate in Tertiary studies as a part of their Year 12 experience through access to programs such as Deakin Accelerate.

The Ad Alta Excellence Program will also see greater levels of support for participants in sporting excellence programs. These include participation in the sporting pathways program at St Joseph’s, regular competition in ACC sporting events and specialised subjects for development in particular sports. Students also have the ability to individualise their education programs to support both their academic and sporting or cultural pursuits in a supportive environment.

Students who are pursuing excellence in cultural pursuits such as Music, Performing Arts and Creative Arts are able to access individualised learning programs to support the time and learning commitments required in these fields. Accelerating their studies in subjects of interest and working with mentors to hone their skills can also be facilitated.