Westcourt and Edmund Rice Campus have an online purchasing option for the Canteen.

This is a great way to ensure your child receives their choice of food. They also receive it first as orders take priority for collection.

Westcourt students go to and choose Westcourt Canteen.

Edmund Rice students go to and choose Edmund Rice Canteen.

Orders need to be placed by 8.45am for the same day collection. Parents can login and order ahead of time or repeat orders for certain days.

Please email [email protected] if you have any trouble logging on.


The College is extremely grateful to the families who donate their second-hand uniforms. These uniforms are washed and dry cleaned before the College can pass them on to those families in need of support.

Any uniforms that you no longer require please send into reception. We ask that the uniforms are not stained, torn or in bad condition.

Many thanks in advance for your generosity.


St Joseph’s College pays an annual subscription for all families to use the sustainable school shop. This shop can be accessed at

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Year 7 booklists for 2023 and the Early English Novel booklists for 2023 (Years 10, 11 & 12) are already available from the site. The other booklists will be added within a week or two.


Please note the College Policy is that if a student is feeling unwell they are to advise their teacher and report to reception.

Students are not to ring, email, or text their parents to ask them to collect them if they are unwell. The reception staff assess the wellbeing of the student, monitors their illness / injury and places them in sickbay. If deemed necessary, the staff will call home to have the student collected or if serious they will call an ambulance first and then call home. Students contacting parents creates an issue whereby staff do not know the student is unwell and therefore the student's welfare is not monitored.


Secondary school immunisations are provided to students in Year 7 (HPV and diphtheria-tetanus-whooping cough) and Year 10 (meningococcal ACWY). Due to COVID-19 interruptions to school-based learning, there are a number of students in Years 7-12 who may have missed these important vaccines.

This puts students at an increased risk of illness including cervical and other HPV related cancers and diseases for which they are being vaccinated against.

If your child missed out on their school-based vaccinations, speak to your GP or Barwon Health Vaccination Centre on 4215 6962, about how they can catch up.

To see if your child is due for any vaccines, check your child’s immunisation history statement on the Australian Immunisation Register using your MyGov account.

If your child is over 14, they will need to access their immunisation history statement themselves through their own MyGov account or the Medicare mobile app.

Learn why vaccination is important: WHY VACCINATION IS IMPORTANT