Term 4 Upcoming Events

22-28 October  National Enviroweek
27 October Enviroservice
7-13 November
 National Recycling Week
21 November
 World Fisheries Day


In recognition of the growing environmental and climate crisis the world faces, National Enviroweek was established as a time for action, education and change. This week students across Australia are called to action, to connect with their local environment and elicit positive changes. In support, several activities have been scheduled for students to participate in throughout the week and help create a positive environmental impact around the college. Activities include: Enviroservice, 30 for 30 House Clean Up Challenge, VCAL gardening, re-introduction of Recycling responsibilities, Indigenous Flora QR Code signage training and introduction of Eddie Coin. In addition, new face pot planters have been distributed throughout the Library and Sustainability room, to create visual impact and interest regarding our wonderful biodiversity.


There was a great deal of excitement amongst students this week, as we launched the first set of Eddie Coins, into circulation on Monday, in celebration of National Enviroweek 2022. I would like to acknowledge staff and students involved; VCAL staff member Andrew Read for his contribution and tireless efforts moulding the first production line, Rebecca Barker and her Year 7 students, for their support and efforts in sorting plastics and VCAL & VITA students involved in washing and sorting plastics. From all accounts, staff and students alike, are welcoming the new Eddie Coin and are supportive of the transition towards a circular economy.

Each Eddie Coin holds the value of $5 and may be utilized as a currency at the canteens or VCafe. Note, the coin must be used in a single transaction. Existing paper canteen vouchers may also be utilized for the remainder of Term 4.


On Monday 17 October, several recycling initiatives were re-instated throughout the College and others were introduced to Mt Sion areas for the first time. Paper and carboard recycling via the blue Paper Ecobins was re-introduced for all classrooms and offices, REDcycling bins were introduced to Mt Sion homerooms for the purpose of recycling soft plastic and white compost buckets were distributed across all eating areas around the College grounds for the collection of all food waste. I would like to acknowledge and thank our Sustainability Leaders and other volunteers for their collective efforts in labelling bins and distributing them where needed.

A reminder to all that in a bid to minimise waste being brought to the College, we are encouraging all students to adopt our CUT THE WRAP approach to making lunches by bringing a re-usable drink bottle and plastic “wrap free” lunch to school each day.

Use the link below for further information regarding the St Joseph’s College Recycling Regime.

(https://www.sjc.vic.edu.au/future-families/learning-at-sjc/sustainability )


A reminder that the Year 7 plastic collection competitions close on Friday 28 October. Collection of all plastic items for the Jane Perkins commissioned artwork in addition to plastics for Eddie Coin, will occur during homeroom. The class with the greatest number of number of 2 and 4 items collected will receive a pizza lunch and the class with the greatest number of sentimental plastic items collected will receive an icy-pole each!


In order to keep the production line running, we are calling on all members of our community to assist in the collection of raw materials needed - Number 4 plastics!

Common items made of Number 4 plastic include; Sauce bottles, Milk bottles and plastic bottle lids. Please ensure donated items are washed and dried before donating and tops are removed from containers. Items may be delivered to Reception at either campus.