End-of-Year Examinations

Best wishes to all students completing their Unit 3-4 VCE examinations over the next three weeks. It is a pressured time, and we hope the revision strategies and support which was put in place help them to rise to the occasion. VCE results will be released to all students on Monday 12 December at 7 am.

The following examinations for students in Years 8 to 11 will occur on the following dates:

  • Year 11 Monday 21 November through to Thursday 24 November
  • Year 10 Monday 21 November through to Thursday 24 November
  • Year 9 Tuesday 22 November through to Thursday 24 November
  • Year 8 Tuesday 22 to Wednesday 23 November

All students and parents will be sent an exam timetable from the Head of learning of their subschool outlining the schedule and any specific requirements.

Note: Years 11 and 10 students will not be required at school if they do not have an examination, to enable students to study from home.

Booklists Update

Each year students in Year 10 and VCE have the opportunity to purchase their English novels early. It is recommended by the SJC English teachers that students purchase their novels early for reading during the holiday period. This is particularly important for 2023 Year 12 English and Literature students as they will be using some of these texts during Headstart in 2022. 

To Order Early English Novels Online


Please order your novels online by Friday 4th of November by visiting the Campion website and using the code MH3J.

A selection of 2023 Booklists are also currently available via the Campion website: 

  • Year 7 2023 Booklist
  • Applied Learning Booklist
  • VCE Units 1-4 Booklist

Current families can visit the 2023 Booklist Information page on our website for further information on ordering and links to the current booklists available to SJC students. 

Further Year Level Booklists will be finalised and released to parents by 8 November.


A reminder all students in Years 7 - 11 will take part in Headstart beginning Monday, November 28 to Thursday, December 8. Students will be placed in their classes for 2023, and they will have their 2023 timetable available to them in SIMON the weekend prior. Headstart enables our students to begin their courses early, especially in preparation for those students studying their VCE, as well as supporting the transition of our junior students so they are familiar with their new learning environments, classmates and teachers.