Students at SJC have regularly been participating in lunchtime chess, every Friday at school, but have been missing the opportunity to test their skills against other school's players in person. The past two years have meant that digital tournaments have replaced in-person tournaments, but for the first time in three years, students were able to stare down their opponents over a grid in real life.

A team of St Joseph’s finest chess players travelled up the freeway to compete in the ACC open tournament at Simonds Catholic College. Most of the SJC team were able to earn a win in their first round, but this initial success was short-lived as most of the team struggled against powerhouse Mazenod, as well as other ACC schools of similar ability in Division 1.

The end of the day saw only three students finish with a winning record: Benjamin J (12 Jordan D), Luada-Kadahl M (8I) and Muhammet J (7H) each finished the day with 4 wins 3 Losses. Regular contributors Ethan S (12 Butler B), Myles B (12 Jordan C), Ethan R (12 Foley C), Matthew M (12 Foley B) and Patrick R (11 Foley C) finished just shy of that, each finishing the day 3-4. Other competitors Tyson S (12 Butler A) and Christopher R (10 Brophy G) also fought well in their match-ups, often facing competitors with significantly higher ratings.

With perennial champion Mazenod untouchable, St Joseph’s finished 5th in the battle for 2nd to 6th, and retained its place in the top division for another year. Many of the junior competitors, who sadly missed out on competing in this tournament due to a cap on player numbers, are eagerly awaiting the ACC Junior/Intermediate tournament which will be taking place later in the year.

Team Standings:


Team name

Top player name



Mazenod College

Duleesha G



Parade College

Vincent L



De La Salle College

James H



St Bede's College

Tomas P



St Joseph's College (Newtown)

Luada-Kadahl M



St Bernard's College

Emerson L