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National Biodiversity month

7 September National Threatened Species Day

12-18 September National Organic Week

22 September World Car-Free Day


Following on from our guest presentation by visiting UK Artist Jane Perkins on 22 June, on 4 August Year 9 students; Harris H, Kade H, Jhayferson J and Cala P participated in an initial Design Committee meeting, to collaborate and discuss the design for our commissioned artwork with the goal to encapsulate the essence of our school’s faith and identity. The students have continued to meet on a regular basis to focus on various aspects of the artwork and we anticipate that the design will be ready to forward to Jane in the coming fortnight. I would like to congratulate and thank all students involved for their wonderful creativity, collaboration and dedication demonstrated throughout the process. Thank you also to Mrs Malone for her support and for organising an interview with the students involved and the ICUP Team (providers or our grant) who have enabled our creative vision to come to life.


During lunchtime on Friday 19 August, Sustainability Leaders together with Student Leader Samuel D, transformed the decommissioned drink station in the Performing Arts Precinct, by planting Snake plant/Mother-in-law’s tongue (Dracaena trifasciata) and Lotus Red Flash (Lotus berthelotii) into the water trough, creating a new aesthetic for the area. Using “wicking bed” principles, the garden bed incorporates a layer of scoria, covered by shade cloth and a layer of top soil to follow. This Technique encourages plants to seek water from the lower scoria layer. Congratulations to all students involved! A tremendous effort to complete the project in a thirty-minute time frame.


With the aim to educate and reinforce correct recycling methods at St Joseph’s College, on Tuesday 23 August, student Leaders; Luca B, Zakary E and Sascha W facilitated a Recycling Training Workshop with all Year 7 Class Captains and Sustainability Leaders. Incorporating the school’s Sustainability Website page and three recycling activities, it is anticipated that the Year 7 leaders will facilitate the same recycling workshop for their own class during a Religious Education class over the coming week, in alignment with their current unit; Guardians of the World.


On Tuesday 23 August, seven students together with Mr Ben McDowall, braved the elements to participate in an afternoon of Enviroservice at the Edmund Rice Campus. All students involved worked industriously to maintain various garden bed areas including; Carey Oval south embankment, the Quadrangle “Otways” fernery, Gate 5 entrance, Gate 6 car park garden bed and the Paul Tobias courtyard planters. Thank you to Lincoln B, Julian C, Aedan C, Ben H, Luke S, Zephyr S and Thomas Q for their terrific effort.


Just ahead of National Biodiversity month (September), on Friday 26 August, the second “300 for 30” Tree Planting Challenge was conducted in a bid to revegetate the Carey Oval south embankment. With the assistance of Phil Hunter and Ellie Brunt (Wild Places Management and Consulting), our lunchtime volunteers were able to plant out the garden bed with native grasses. With an incredible combined effort, Phil and Ellie completed planting out 427 plants throughout the day, seeing the completion of the South embankment planting for 2022 and the commencement of the Sports Complex garden bed planting. Species planted on the day included; Common Rice-flower (Pimelea humilis), Pale Mat-rush (Lomandra nana), Wiry Buttons (Leptorhyncos tenuifolius), Cholcolate Lily (Arthropodium strictum), small St John’s wort (Hypercum gramineum), Grey tussock-grass (Poa sieberiana), Native Flax (Linum marginale), Varied Raspwort (Halorargis heterophylla), Pussy tails (Ptilotus spathulatus), hopbush (Dodonaea Viscosa), Common everlasting (Chrysocephalum apiculatum), Black-anter lily (Dianella admixta). Further planting around the Sport Complex is anticipated for October.


National Tree Day planting with Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek – Service Learning Opportunity.

We invite all students and families to join the “Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek” on Sunday 4 September for a Tree Planting day, supporting their efforts of creating a “Nature corridor” by planting indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses adjacent to existing plantings in a bid to increase biodiversity along the river and help save the threatened Yarra Pigmy Perch that resides in the creek.

“Friends” will gather from 9:00am on the site between Brearley Reserve Bridge and Winter Street. Note: This site may be accessed via the walking track either from Winter Street or from Grove Road.

New volunteers are most welcome and are encouraged to wear solid footwear and to bring their own gardening gloves and bottle of water. Volunteers must also complete a COVID Questionnaire prior to arrival.

For more information regarding the tree planting site map and COVID Questionnaire, visit the Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek website below;



We are calling on all SJC families to support our Year 11 VCAL students in the collection of plastic bottle tops, for the purpose of creating a circular economy, by reforming and transitioning these items into new and purposeful products. In particular, we require clean plastic items with either the number 2 or 4 clearly identified on the items.

In addition, other items that may be recycled at the College include: corks, stamps and plastic bread tags (in support of the "Bread Tags for Wheelchairs" project).

All donations (washed and dried) may be delivered to Reception of either campus.