The TriUMPH music festival has changed to TriUMPH Lite this year, but the raffle is still just as big!

Tickets are $2

(3 for $5, 7 for $10, 18 for $30 or 30 for $50)

First prize is the awesome XBOX Series X console, second prize is a $150 JB Hifi Voucher.

Online ticket link: or cash sales are available lunchtime at SJC ER Campus IT Office.

All the money donated and Raised will go to The University of Baccau, which is located in East Timor. The money gives scholarships to young people interested in becoming a Teachers. Education is a really important aspect for the people of East Timor. Currently only 68% of adults are able to read and write. The children that are able to attend school, only get one textbook and one pen a year. If you aren't able to afford the uniform you will not be allowed into the school. There is an extreme shortage of teachers in East Timor because they are underpaid and not looked after. Giving these people more opportunities in education, will help educate more children, give the children more hope for their future, more job opportunities and therefore less people living in poverty. And this cycle will continue and continue.