Deputy News


Last week, our students in both Year 7 and Year 9 participated in the National Assessment Program, also known as NAPLAN. Our students conducted themselves exceptionally well given they needed to do four tests over three days. These tests were conducted online in the gymnasiums of both campuses, and we were impressed with the way our students approached the testing schedule. Students absent for a test will have the chance to complete a catch-up session over the fortnight. Another highlight of the test was the new Year 7 touchscreen computers, which were far more efficient at logging onto our system and enabling supporting staff to quickly help if there was an issue with accessing the testing platform. Thanks to Rebecca Barker and Paul Hood who managed over 2,000 tests last week and our exceptionally patient Information Technology Team

Mid Semester Reports

Mid-Semester Reports will be released to students and available on PAM on Tuesday 19 March after 3.30pm. This year, we built in an acknowledgement in the parent portal to understand that our reports are being accessed and read by parents.

Our Mid-Semester Reports focus on Learning dispositions, which refer to the habits and actions that significantly influence how students approach their learning. These dispositions include:

  • Works collaboratively with others
  • Takes ownership and responsibility for learning
  • Arrives prepared and organised for each lesson
  • Completes all learning tasks including homework
  • Seeks feedback for improvement in their learning

Parent Student Teacher Interviews

A reminder that our Parent Student Teacher Interviews will be occurring on Wednesday 27 March and Thursday 28 March. The format is different on both days:

  • Wednesday 27 March - held face to face in the gymnasium at the Edmund Rice Campus from 4pm – 7pm
  • Thursday 28 March - held online through TEAMS (link will be in PAM) from 9am – 12pm.

Our Mid-Semester Report indicates for each subject if an interview is required, however, we encourage all parents to participate as it is a great way to engage directly with your child’s teacher and gain insights into their progress to date. We also ask you to bring your child to the interview, as when students actively participate in these discussions, they gain a sense of ownership over their education.

Student Free Day Reminders

A reminder Thursday 28 and Friday 29 March are student free days at the College. Students return after the term break on Monday 15 April.

Year 10 and 11 Modified Program during Year 12 Renewals

Our commitment to the Year 12 Renewal program sees a change in the way we deliver our curriculum for Mt Sion students in Years 10 and 11 in the first week of May. For planning purposes please note the following changes:

Year 10

Wednesday 1 May – Year 10 will attend the College to complete AAS testing and classes.

Thursday 2 May – Year 10 will attend their normal program at the College.

Friday 3 May – Year 10 will access their classes online and are to work from home.

Year 11

Wednesday 1 May – Year 11 will complete online learning from home, as this is their usual consolidation day. External TAFE will still operate.

Thursday 2 May – Year 11 will attend their normal program at the College.

Friday 3 May – Year 11 will access their classes online and are to work from home.

Timetable Feedback and Monitoring

As we have introduced a new timetable structure, we have developed, alongside Sacred Heart College, a plan to look at different data points along the way to see if we can identify any significant impact. Such data includes student attendance data at significant points throughout the year, behavioural tracking data, well-being data, student assessment data and Staff and Student Feedback.

One point of interest is our attendance data is significantly higher than this time last year and we wonder if this is attributed to classes starting at 9am. Our students have done a great job of getting to class on time and adapting to a changing structure. A student survey was released on SIMON for all students to give feedback at this early stage, and we will run other feedback surveys at different stages throughout the year.

Lisa Pope
Deputy Principal - Learning