Deputy News

Year 12 VCE or Unit 3-4 Results

VCE Results, ATARs and VTAC scaled study scores will be released through the online portal “ VCE Results and ATAR Service” from 7am on Monday 11 December.

Students must register for the Results and ATAR service before they can log in to the website or app. To access their VCE results and ATAR from the website or app, they must enter their VCAA student number and the password they created when registering for the service.

The website service is free and available 24 hours a day from 7.00am Monday 11 December until 5.00pm Friday 15 December 2023.

We wish our students all the best for their impending results and look forward to recognising student achievement at the Mt Sion & Westcourt Awards early in term one 2024.

End of Semester Reports and Awards

The End-of-semester reports will be made available via the student and parent portals on Wednesday 13 December. These results will be a summary of all assessment results, as well as further information on the learning dispositions and learning progressions for each student in their classes. Students who are identified as the dux of their subject will be recognised in our Awards Ceremonies which take place during the school day on the dates indicated below.

Mt Sion and Westcourt Awards - Wednesday 13 February

Waterford Awards - Tuesday 12 February

Headstart and New Timetable

We would like to recognise the seamless transition of our students with the new College timetable. One area we would like to encourage is ensuring our students are onsite early enough to go to their lockers, gather their materials and be ready for class by 9.00am. Whilst we understand at times students can be late, the goal should be for all students to be at school around 8.50am to make sure they are not missing important learning time.

The College leadership team will review the week in the upcoming staff days, but we have been very impressed with the students and their ability to adjust quickly to the changes that have been put in place.

Start of the Year 2024

The College Leadership team will be back on site from Wednesday 24 January, with all teaching staff back on Monday 29 January. All students will start back on Wednesday 31 January.

Lisa Pope
Deputy Principal - Learning