Term 4 sees the return of the summer uniform so students can opt for shorts and the summer shirt and can leave the tie and blazer at home. Please be mindful that if students do elect to continue to wear their winter uniform the tie and blazer remain compulsory items. Black runners have crept in and are not appropriate but black, leather, lace up, polishable shoes with a heel are.

Year 12

Term 4 is a busy time at St Joseph’s with a number of key events taking place. The Year 12s are fast approaching one of the most significant milestones in their educational journey. For students, families and staff it is a time of reflection and celebration. We held a farewell assembly for our Year 12 students at a whole College Assembly on Monday with a terrific Graduation Mass that evening. The Year 12s will then take part in a Celebration Day on Wednesday and will then all gather on Friday evening for their Valedictory dinner at the GMHBA stadium. We wish all students the very best as they enter this phase and as we do they all aim to finish strong and in a respectful and positive manner.

Student Leadership

Our Investiture of Leaders ceremony is taking place on Wednesday 19 October. I would like to take this time to congratulate all these remarkable students who were elected by their peers to these important positions. We certainly look forward to formally recognising them in front of the entire school population as well as their families. These boys will officially commence their duties in Week 3, once the current Year 12s have finished official classes. Thanks must go to our Student Leadership coordinators Cassandra Coogan and Ash Crook who led the entire process.

Westcourt Camp week

A big congratulations to Director of Westcourt Cassie Gleeson and the staff and students who embarked on a range of camps last week. Central Australia and the Grampians were greeted by over 300 Year 9 St Joseph’s students and all reports suggest that everyone benefited from the experience whilst having a lot of fun together.

Bus Behavioural norms

I sent a letter to all families last week sharing our key messages surrounding expected behaviours on the bus. Highlighting the importance of respecting the bus drivers, respecting the buses and respecting other passengers is extremely important and the norms listed will go a long way to ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers. Empowering our young ones to report inappropriate behaviours to someone at school, either face to face or by email will go a long way to improving the bus travel culture as well.

Vape Sensors

We have recently installed vape sensors inside our bathrooms at school. The sensors detect smoke and notify our CCT cameras which are located outside of the bathrooms. These notifications then allow us to identify the students who happen to be in the bathrooms at the time someone is vaping. We have seen an incredible decrease in notifications since we have declared this with our students and we are keen to continue this type of education and prevention. We will send home letters to support families when your son happens to be in the bathroom at the same time that the vape sensor goes off. If however, a student is caught with a vape on them they will be facing firm consequences from the College. This has been a big issue in all secondary schools and we are confident that with the right education, the right detection and the appropriate follow up we will see an improvement in vaping use.