In 2019 Emanuel College in Warrnambool and St Joseph’s College in Geelong played the first game of AFL, fielding separate matches at Year 7 and at Year 8. An “away” game over at Warrnambool followed by a “home game” in Geelong is held. Matches are always competitive yet played in excellent sportsmanship with Best on Ground awards after each match plus a chance to chat with opposing players. It was decided that these matches will be played for the Brown-Ling Cup. Jonathan Brown completed Year 12 at Emmanuel College in Warrnambool in 1999 and Cameron Ling completed Year 12 at St Joseph’s College in Geelong in 1999.

A combined school score will decide who will hold the Brown-Ling Cup with the most wins out of the four games for the year-deciding glory!!

Jonathan Brown: Widely regarded as one of the premier players in the competition, Brown is a three-time club Best and fairest winner, two-time All Australian (2007 and 2009), one-time Coleman Medallist and three-time AFL premiership player.

Cameron Ling: Hard running midfield who had dogged determination, Ling is a one-time club Best and Fairest winner, one time All Australian (2007) and three-time AFL premiership player.

Past Winners

2019: Emmanuel College

2020: Covid 19

2021: Covid 19

2022: St Joseph’s College

Match Reports

“Away Game”

Year 7

Emmanuel College 4.8 (32) def SJC Geelong 4.4 (28)

GOALS: Charlie M 2, James S, Liam W

BEST: Charlie M, Will B, Noah S, Xavier M, Nick L, Nick S

Played at Warrnambool.

Year 8

SJC Geelong 13.15 (93) def Emmanuel College 4.2(30)

GOALS: Oliver C 4, Jack K 3, Darcy H 2, Dominic P 2, Jaxon C 2

BEST: Jaxon C, Domenic P, Darcy H, Bodhi H, Jack K, Henry W

Played at Warrnambool

Year 8

Emmanuel College 9.9 (63) def SJC Geelong 7.4 (46)

GOALS: Marcus B 2, Tom T 1, Jack S 1, Lucas D 1, Charlie G 1, Riley E 1

BEST: Charlie G, Riley E, Marcus B, Heath E, Archie T, Jack S

Played at Herne Hill

Year 7 Football Ling/Brown Cup vs Emmanuel College

Wednesday 16/9/22
SJC Geelong 17.11 (113) def Emmanuel College 4.4 (28)

GOALS: Noah C 2, Noah S 2, Nick L 2, Toby D 2, Kai C 2, Charlie P 2, Archie F 1, Xavier M 1, Otis Ryan 1, Tai M 1, Andrew O 1
BEST: Noah S, Andrew O, Archie C, Riley M, Nick Lo P, Charlie M, Lenny I