Year 7 Fantasy session with Michael Pryor

This term the boys will be exploring the fantasy genre in Year 7 English. To begin the unit of work award-winning fantasy author Michael Pryor spoke to Year 7 about the characteristics of the genre. During the online session, Michael led the boys through an exercise so that they could begin the process of creating a city in their fantasy world.

Included is an image of Michael, dressed in costume for the occasion, talking to the students online, with a map of a fantasy medieval city taking shape. Michael engaged the students with a story with the addition of each new element. The year 7 students were able to ask Michael questions at the end of the session and it was great to see so many fantastic questions about fantasy and writing.

The library has many of Michael Pryor’s 39 books, and 60 short stories in the fiction collections.

Library returns

Due to the extended period of time that students have been learning remotely, a large number of students have library resources on loan that are now overdue. We would value your support with reminding boys to return their library books when they return to school.