We have enjoyed having our Year 7, 11 and 12 students back each day this week as well as seeing our Year 8 and 9s on Tuesday and Wednesday and our Year 10s on Thursday and Friday. The staggered return over the next few weeks presents some challenges but it also presents more opportunities to build student engagement, wellbeing and learning. There are still many restrictions around what we can and can’t do but we are keen to build a positive and vibrant environment for all whilst reinforcing our duty of care for the safety of all people in our community.

Some reminders that may help in preparation for returning to school are;

  • Students can wear summer uniform in Term 4.
  • If students choose to wear winter uniform, it should be worn correctly.
  • Students should be clean shaved.
  • Hats are required in the yard and for PE in Term 4.
  • All students must wear a mask (unless they have an exemption) and follow the COVID protocols required at school.
  • Check the timetable and bring back books required for onsite classes.
  • Charge laptops overnight.
  • Do their best to maintain standards and work to their potential.
  • If students use buses, please reiterate with them the importance of appropriate behaviour (in line with the requirements of Victoria’s Code of Conduct on Public Transport), wearing of masks and taking care of their own rubbish.
  • The daily timetable reverted to the normal 50 minute periods From Monday 11 October.
  • The processes implemented for remote learning will remain in place on the days that students are required to work remotely but they will follow the 50 minute period timetable. The period times appear on SIMON in the timetable section for students to follow.

We wish our Year 12s all the best as they approach their last days at the College before the majority prepare for their final exams. It was great to see them dress up on Tuesday and join in some interactive games on the oval each day with staff. We will be presenting them with their Year 12 certificates on Friday at 4:00pm and will be streaming this to all Year 12 families.

Curriculum News


Congratulations to all our students who completed the GAT last week, after having the date changed a couple of times, it was great to see our students finalise this exam. I would like to acknowledge the work of our Head of Learning Mt Sion, Mr Brad Smith and VASS Coordinator Jules Holt whose hard work ensured this event ran smoothly.

To all our students who sat the GAT, we acknowledge this is the start of a busy time, so be kind to yourselves and those around you, and make sure you find balance in your study routine.

End of Year Examinations

The College Leaders deliberated on the process of end-of-semester examinations recently and have made the decision to proceed with examinations for Years 8 – 11. Whilst we understand this has been a challenging semester for our students, we believe the benefits of the exam experience provides an authentic piece of assessment that enables students to show us what they know and can do. It helps to support teachers’ judgements on each student learning, across a breadth of knowledge. As well as providing greater exam experience, as we know both studying and sitting exams strengthens learning which is a key part of the scaffolding process required to develop the key skills and knowledge underpinning subsequent year levels.

The Examination period for this term will be as follows:

  • Year 11 Examinations will run from Monday 22 – 25 November
  • Year 10 Examinations will run for all core subjects and most elective subjects from Monday 22- 25 November
  • Year 9 Examinations will run Monday 22 – 24 November for Think, Maths and Science
  • Year 8 Examinations will run for English and Maths – 23 – 25 November

Students will be given an examination timetable in the coming weeks.

Headstart Dates

The College will transition all students to their next year level for one week at the end of the term. Therefore, students will be given the opportunity to settle into their new classes, meet their new teachers, and get a greater sense of connection and confidence and familiarity with what their learning will be like in 2022. Headstart will begin on Monday 29 November and conclude on Friday 3 December.


Our school is currently participating in Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools – School Improvement Surveys (MACSSIS). MACSSIS is an annual process whereby schools listen to the thoughts and feelings students, families and staff have about how their school can improve. These surveys help inform the ongoing improvement of schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Both staff and students will complete the survey over the next two weeks, and we have randomly sent emails to approximately 400 families, which we would encourage to participate in completing the survey to help identify the strengths and areas for improvement for the College. MACSSIS data benefits everyone within our school and provides valuable community insights on areas that each school can focus on. Our school believes it is important to encourage families to have a voice and contribute to shaping the ongoing improvement of the school. If you did not receive an email and would like to be given an opportunity to be part of the process, please email Lisa Pope ([email protected]) at the College and we can arrange a login for you.