At St Joseph’s College we recognise that our Year 7 students are also mum’s little boy who is growing up and becoming a man. And we know that many Mums wonder what the future holds for their little boy. On Monday night we held our annual Year 7 Mother/Son evening. This night gives mums reassurance that they’ll always have special places in their boys’ lives. And boys show their mums that growing up doesn’t mean growing apart.

During these COVID times we have become expert at ‘pivoting’. In order to adhere to the current COVID restrictions this meant the event was (successfully) held online.

Over 50 Mums and their sons joined Bill Jennings, founder of the Time & Space program, on this special night. Nine senior student leaders, two Mums from our school community, and one Year 7 Homeroom teacher helped to facilitate the small group discussions around a treasured item the Year 7 students and their Mums brought to the evening.

Mums and their son entered into a 1 to 1 discussion, triggered by a set of thought-provoking questions provided by Bill Jennings. This led to deep and meaningful conversations between the Mums and their son.

The night concluded with a beautiful blessing that was read by Mum Amanda and her son Felix.

Overall our Year 7 Mother / Son Evening provided the time and space for heartfelt conversation and Mums could celebrate the boys they’re shaping into a man.