SJC students borrowed almost 3500 resources from the library in Term 1! The Year 7 students were the most enthusiastic borrowers, with 1251 resources loaned during the term. Well done Year 7! It is fantastic that so many students are devoting time during their busy days to read regularly. This has recognised academic benefits including the development of literacy skills, and the understanding of texts and literary techniques, as well as promoting empathy and appreciating the perspective of others.

This term in the library we will continue with the Read 21+ challenge, which encourages students to read for at least 21 minutes each day. We will also be promoting current themes such as ANZAC Day with displays of a range of resources, encouraging students to borrow from the relevant genres. Reading can also include listening to audiobooks and these are accessible through the library on the Wheelers eBook and eAudiobook platform.

The ER Campus library Reading Room is a technology-free zone during break times. This encourages students to sit quietly and to read without distraction, and it is great to the space being so well-used for wider reading at recess and lunchtime. Students who want to complete work during break times are welcome to use their laptops in other areas of the library.