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29 July Schools Tree day

31 July National Tree day

15-21 August Keep Australia Beautiful Week

September National Biodiversity month

7 September National Threatened Species Day

12-18 September National Organic Week

22 September World Car-Free Day


In alignment with our Sustainability goals and as recipients of an Inter Cultural Understanding Partnership grant, Year 9 students together with Sustainability Leaders, were treated to a guest presentation by visiting UK Artist Jane Perkins on 22 June.

Jane specialises in a collage form of artwork, utilising plastic pieces collected and accumulated along her life journey. Through the process of creating her inspired masterpieces, Jane encapsulates and models a transition from a linear economy toward a circular economy.

Jane will be commissioned to create an artwork specifically for our community, utilising sentimental plastic items donated by students to create an image encapsulating the essence of our faith and identity. Once the design process is finalised, students will be called on to collect plastic items with specific colours.

Special thanks to; Sustainability Leaders Kade H (Year 9) and Bryce G (Year 8) for their involvement in the presentation, maintenance staff and AV staff for the setting up of the gymnasium and photography credit to staff member Kristen Grant (Westcourt Administration).

For more information regarding Jane Perkins’ artwork, visit; https://janeperkins.co.uk


On the 22 June, we went to the Year 9 Campus to meet Jane Perkins to learn about what she does for a living. Jane is an artist, however the materials she uses are old plastic toys and other plastic items. She doesn’t buy things for her artworks, she recycles.

I find it so special that when people ask Jane to make something, they give her a small sentimental object to incorporate into her art. I personally liked the Rainbow Lion because of all of the different colours and the variety of plastic toys used. I especially loved the amount of detail in this piece.

Bono S (Year 7)

Jane Perkins was an amazing person to listen to. She told us about her story and was quite an interesting and knowledgeable person. She told us how she got all the resources she needed from washed up things on the beach and toys that young children had sent to her. Out of just these common and simple items she managed to make an extremely colourful and beautiful rainbow lion out of them.

Bryce G (Year 8)


National Tree Day planting with Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek – Service Learning Opportunity.

We invite all students and families to join the “Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek” on Sunday 31 July to celebrate National Tree Planting day, supporting their efforts of creating a “Nature corridor” by planting indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses adjacent to existing plantings in a bid to increase biodiversity along the river and help save the threatened Yarra Pigmy Perch that resides in the creek.

“Friends” will gather from 9:00am on the site between Brearly Reserve Bridge and Winter St. Note: This site may be accessed via the walking track either from Winter St or from Grove Road.

New volunteers are most welcome and are encouraged to wear solid footwear and to bring their own gardening gloves and a bottle of water. Volunteers must also complete a COVID Questionnaire prior to arrival.

For more information regarding the tree planting site map and COVID Questionnaire, visit the Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek website below:  https://www.friendsofwaurnpondscreek.org.au/aa%202022/07%20July%2031.html


We are calling on all SJC families to support our Year11 VCAL students in the collection of plastic bottle tops, for the purpose of creating a circular economy, by reforming and transitioning these items into new and purposeful products. In particular, we require clean plastic items with either the number 2 or 4 clearly identified on the items.

In addition, other items that may be recycled at the College include; corks, stamps and plastic bread tags (in support of the "Bread Tags for Wheelchairs" project).

All donations (washed and dried) may be delivered to the Reception of either campus.