Term 3 greets us all with Subject Selection and planning for the following year. Many people wonder why the process begins so early, but without the knowledge of what our students would like to study in 2023, it becomes very challenging to put a successful plan and timetable together, given the College plans to complete a two-week Headstart program in the final two weeks of Term 4. The Mt Sion Subject Expo was well supported by our families, with attendance numbers far exceeding our expectations, with many students and parents wanting to find out as much as possible about the programs the College offers and the subjects that will complement their child’s pathway. This week the College began Subject Selection interviews for those students who wish to challenge their learning by accelerating their VCE programs.

The Westcourt students were exposed to the FutureMe program conducted through Deakin University, which informs students of short and long-term employment trends, and prepares them for crucial decisions they are about to make about future subject choices and further or tertiary studies.

Students heading to Westcourt in 2023, are invited with their parents/carers to attend the Westcourt campus on July 27 at 6:00pm to find out about the Year 9 Campus and the programs that occur. Ms Lauren Hall spoke to the Year 8 students this week at an assembly and further information regarding subject selection will be discussed on the night. An Operoo has been sent to all Year 8 families and the College would appreciate your response. 

Students heading into Year 8, were sent subject selection information this week, and parents were sent links to a video and PowerPoint to explain the elective options available. The link to access the Web Preference Portal in which the students enter their final subject choices is sent to the students from the Timetabler team, and any students struggling with entering their choices should talk to their Homeroom teachers for further support.

I would like to extend my thank you to our Heads of Teaching and Learning at Mt Sion, Westcourt and Waterford, as well as our Head of Curriculum and Curriculum Leaders who have spent significant time in putting this information together for our parents and students. I would also like to recognise the work of our Careers Coordinator, VET Coordinator and our Applied Learning Coordinator for their contribution in supporting student decision making.

The Links to the Mt Sion Presentations from the Expo can be found below


Upcoming Key Dates for Subject Selections

Year 10 Subject Interviews (Optional) - Bookings via SIMON or PAM

Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 July

Year 9 2023 Westcourt Evening at 6:00pm

Wednesday 27 July

Years 9, 10 and 11 Subject Selections Due

Friday 29 July

Year 7 and 8 Subjects Due

Friday 12 August

Semester One Reports

Semester 1 reports were released over the school holidays, and they can be downloaded through SIMON or PAM. Due to some staff absences at the end of term with illness, there were some tasks appearing on the reports as “Pending Results”. We have currently regenerated our Year 9 reports, and we hope these reports are now accurate, but please contact the class teacher if you notice an issue with your child’s report and we can arrange for them to be updated and repopulated.

Library hours

This term our Library team have reviewed their Opening Hours and encourage our Senior students to stay behind to complete study in a warm and supportive environment. Students will have access to tea and coffee facilities as well as some light snacks. The library will now be open until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and will close early on Friday at 4.00pm.