Principal's Video News

Principal's Video News

Dear Parents / Carers

At St Joseph’s we talk a great deal about our culture and of the most significant influencers of the culture of a school are the student leaders. We know that, while students will sometimes take notice and respond to what teachers say they will always take notice and respond to what their senior leaders say (and do!).

The annual appointment of student leaders is a comprehensive process during which applicants are asked to prepare a written application, present to their year level, the year 7 students and submit themselves to a vote by staff, year 7 and year 11 students. This is followed by a formal interview with a staff panel. It is a serious process for all involved, and one which annually ensures that St Joseph’s has outstanding student leaders.

Looking back we can see the enormous impact our student leaders have had on the culture of the school. These ‘badged’ leaders to help create an expectation that the values of the College will be upheld. This leads to positive behaviour by other students in the school and we see many examples.

Recently a junior student felt comfortable enough to contact senior staff with concerns about the risky and illegal behaviour of a friend. Our graduating year 12 cohort finished their schooling in a really positive way without dangerous and damaging behaviours reported in some other schools. This year we have had a record number of applications from students wishing to move into the College due to the external perception of our student culture.

Thank you to all those who submitted themselves for consideration once again in 2024 we have a group of outstanding young men charged with the honour and responsibility of leading the College.

College Captain Michael Ahearn

Deputy Captains Jude Payne and Kaine Shaw

Yr 12 Touchstone Prefects

Gospel and Spirituality Josef Paatsch & Kye Berends

Inclusive Community David Iosefo & Danu Lakey

Justice & Solidarity Benjamin Parish & Luke Di Lisio

Liberating Education Luke Stacey & Matthew Suhandi

Year 12 House Captains

Brophy Angus Morrison & Oscar Bullock

Butler Oliver Sanders & Oscar Hart

Foley Louis Van Ingen & Thomas Barker

Jordan Benjamin Harris & Nicholas Preiato

Yr11 Touchstone leaders

Gospel Spirituality Hugo Walsh, Thomas Slater, Jack Kayler-Thomson, Noah Marcus, Jonathon Punchard, Lincoln Brown

Inclusive Community Callum Wiggett, Hunter Dickson, Harris Henderson, Campbell Dickson, William Bradley, Noah McKenzie

Justice & Solidarity Kade Hyde, Orson Lloyd, Archer Westhorpe, Mitchell Pole, Eamonn O’Dowd, Oliver Vagg

Liberating Education Daniel Di Santo, Liam Hatch, Alexander Malouf, Adrian Costa, Hamish Vautier, Henry Martin

First Nations Captain Morris O’Neill-Wood

Congratulations to these students who will be exemplars for other students including students elected to leadership roles at other year levels in coming weeks.

Later in this newsletter you will find some important information from Lisa Pope on the implementation of the TIME project. The 2024 academic year commences on Thursday, November 30 when ‘Headstart’ commences. It is important that students and families understand and are prepared for these changes. Additional and more detailed information, including individual timetables, will be circulated to students and families prior to 30 November.

Congratulations to Mark Kennedy on his appointment as Principal of St Joseph’s special assistance school Geelong (formally St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre). Congratulations also to Cassie Gleeson who has been appointed acting Deputy Principal - Well-being for 2024. Other appointments made for 2024 include Nathanael Smith as Director of Westcourt, Peter Malone as Head of Waterford - Well-being and Michael McMahon and Brad Lynch as Year eight coordinators. These teachers will commence in their roles at the commencement of Headstart.

The way that our year 12 students have gone about their exam preparation has been really pleasing. For other year levels the formal period exam preparation commences with a student free day on Friday 24 November with exams commencing later the following week. The ability to perform well in exams remains enormously important for all students particularly those with tertiary ambitions. Please support us in emphasising to your sons the importance of spending significant time preparing for their end of year exams.

God Bless

Tony Paatsch