2024 Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to all who competed in the 2024 SJC Athletics Carnival today, it was fantastic to see students giving everything a go to gain points for their house. With a combination of running, jumping, throwing and cheering, it was the Brophy Bees who emerged from the rest to claim first place. A very big thank you to @steigensport for generously gifting packs filled with sport essentials to the boys, they look forward to taking them to the ACC Athletics Carnival this year.

The final results

College Classic

1st Taj Purcell (Yr 9)

2nd Hunter McArthur (Yr 7)

3rd William Blake (Yr 8)

Overall House Points

1st Brophy – 3123

2nd Butler – 3099

3rd Foley – 3097

4th Jordan – 3008