Issue 4 - Principal's Video News

A small group of senior staff from St Joseph’s and Sacred Heart continue to work together developing a weekly timetable structure that will enable us to better support the learning and well-being needs of our students. This group has placed particular focus on providing a model for senior students that will help equip them for the world beyond secondary school. The process taken has been exhaustive and has included surveying students, visiting other schools where contemporary models of learning are operating, consulting clinical psychologists, tertiary educators and employers, amongst others. We expect to be in a position to outline our preferred model to a combined gathering of staff at the start of term two and shortly after to circulate it to families for consultation.

St Joseph students participate in a vast range of cultural and sporting activities outside school. Some years ago, the College Advisory Council (then known as the College Board) implemented a policy to provide some financial support those students who are involved at state and international level in a significant cultural or sporting events. Awareness of the availability of this support fell away during the Covid years. I would like to make families aware of this support and encourage applications where appropriate.

Last week we commenced the first of 10 tours of the school for prospective students and their families with each tour fully subscribed. In conversation with parents it seems that there are some ‘myths’ about enrolment at St Joseph’s still circulating in the community. These include that only students from Catholic families or those enrolled in Catholic primary schools can expect their applications to be successful. This is not true and we welcome applications from all students from all primary schools and all faith backgrounds.

On Monday morning in the yard I was reminded that the football season had begun by the number of students on crutches, in braces and slings and sporting bandages of various kinds. These injuries are obvious but some other injuries including concussion are less obvious.

Should your child sustain a concussion outside of school it is important that we know so that we can minimise the chance of further injury. Please help us care for your child by noting ‘concussion’ as the reason when recording his absence. If he has been concussed but will still be at school please email us at [email protected] . The Concussion Management policy can be found on the St Joseph’s website on the College Policies, Codes & Principles page, under Health Policies.

From the start of term two every student is expected to wear full and correct uniform. This includes the winter shirt and tie, blazer and long trousers. May I respectfully request that if your son needs to obtain any of these items you do so prior to the first day of next term.

This week is harmony week. While I would like to think that every week is harmony week at St Joseph’s this week in particular we are asked to focus a little more on the respect and acceptance we have the people who are different to us. I offer the following prayer:

Dear Lord

You created all people in your image. We thank you for the variety of races and cultures within St Joseph’s College. Enrich our lives by ever widening our circles of friendship and show us your presence in those who differ most from us.

Grant that at St Joseph’s we may always promote the justice and acceptance that ensures lasting peace and harmony.

Grant that we may show equal respect to all persons of different cultures who we meet. And help us to remember and appreciate that we belong to one community with many stories.

We ask this in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit.

Blessed Edmund Rice…. Pray for us

Live Jesus in our hearts…. For ever

God Bless

Tony Paatsch