Br Kenneth Kilian O'Donohue

Principal 1956

Br Kenneth Kilian O'Donoghue was appointed Principal in 1956.

Br O'Donoghue was a historian who studied under Professor G.V Portus in Adelaide. He came to St Joseph's at the age of 39 a highly qualified and academically experienced teacher. He approached his new task with characteristic energy, following the tradition he had grown up with, he undertook a full teaching load on top of his administrative duties. He entered fully into life at a boarding school, striding from place to place attending various duties. He was described as being definite in his instructions, with the result being very little grumbling. The boys respected him and apart from his immediate work involved with teaching and running of the school he also gave his attention to the other aspects of life at St Joseph's. He set out to encourage the Old Collegians and supported them in their sporting ventures, he fostered the vigorous Ladies Auxiliary, which contributed an invaluable service in raising money for school improvements and he harnessed the interest and skills of the Father's Association to help with many improvements to the old buildings.

During his time, the whole of St Joseph's was repainted and the existing ovals greatly improved, O'Donaghue would dearly have loved to build some classrooms and extend the existing science and library facilities, he even did some planning for this, but money was scarce at the time. However he pushed ahead with what improvements he could, never content to let things go on as they were. He refurbished shower and locker rooms, fitted out a gymnasium at the end of the pool, re-paved the playing area and when money ran out, he aquired an old Melbourne tram which he fitted out as a handwork room for junior boarders. Convinced for the need to encourage the study of music, he established music rooms and also a scout troop at the school, setting up a small hall on the property.

He was happiest when busy about the work of the school and was disappointed when he was not reappointed as Principal in 1959. After St Joseph's, Br O'Donaghue worked at the Edmund Rice Juniorate before moving on to Victoria (Parade) College in Melbourne in 1961. Later in Warrnambool, he completed a "Centenary History of the Christian Brothers in Australia and New Zealand 1869-1969".

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