Br Herbert Theodore Breach

Principal 1971

Br Herbert Theodore Breach was appointed Principal in 1971.

Br Breach was worn in Windsor, close to the Junction Oval and remembered watching Bill Ponsford playing cricket there. One of his teachers in East St Kilda inspired him to become a Christian Brother, a decision made at the age of 14. He went to Strathfield and one of his memories was seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge being closed as the two halves met at the end of construction in 1932. He scored top marks in the state for history at Matriculation and was also an accomplished linguist, spending six weeks in France improving his skills. His first posting was to Dunedin in New Zealand, he did not see his sisters for 13 years. He was called up to New Zealand armed forces during the war. Later he spent time in Wollongong and his first Principals position was at St Patrick's in Launceston, where he remained for six years. When asked about his experience as principal, he said "I had a migraine for six months, but I just pitched in." After his tenure at Launceston, he returned to St Kevin's in Melbourne and then moved to St Joseph's.

Br Breach was very keen on improving the academic work of his students. He also stimulated debating and encouraged the promotion of acting in the College. He very rarely had to use 'the strap' and preferred talking to students, though he did have to expel one boy for swearing at a teacher. He very much enjoyed his time at St Joseph's and was keen to continue, however he was not granted another three years to which he aspired.

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