Br Francis Hilary Molloy

Principal 1941

Br Francis Hilary Molloy was appointed College Principal in 1941.

Br Molloy was a serious man of dignified demeanour who was tall and handsome. It was said he did not make friends easily and was a strong disciplinarian. Born in Kew of an Irish migrant father and Australian mother he was educated at Xavier College in Melbourne and later at St Patrick's Ballarat. He was admitted to the Christian Brothers in 1902 and taught in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane before coming to Geelong in 1926 as Superior of St Augustine's orphanage until 1932. His next post was in Adelaide and then St Vincent's Orphanage until he returned to St Augustine's in 1940. For one year he moved to St Joseph's before returning to the orphanage.

During his term as Superior at St Augustine's, it was decided to move the orphans from Newtown to Highton. There were 350 boys at the orphanage, and in addition to teaching, Br Molloy undertook virtually all the administrative work at the institution. He was also responsible for the selection of the new site at Highton. The purchase was made in 1930 and the land was used as a supply farm for the orphanage until building began in 1934 to be completed in 1939.

Br Molloy was not entirely happy during his brief period in charge of St Joseph's, and indeed appears to have left halfway through the year. There was what was described as a 'defection' from St Augustine's and he was quickly moved back to Highton to take charge once again. He did return to St Joseph's in 1955 at the age of 68 as Sub-superior and teacher of Grade 6, continuing to serve and resisting all suggestions to retire.

In 1962, Br Molloy retired and took up residence at St Augustine's. He had asthma and later had a stroke.

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