Br David Plunkett Carey

Principal 1965

Br David Plunkett Carey was appointed Principal in 1965.

Born in South Melbourne in 1914, he moved to Essendon where his father was a policeman and where he grew attached to Essendon Football Club. He followed his brother Jim to Strathfield in December 1928, receiving his habit in 1930. He quickly established a reputation as a teacher and a football player. Br Carey made his final Profession at Strathfield on Christmas Day in 1939. After a series of teaching appointments, he had more extensive spells in Queensland and at Clifton Hill and St Bernard's in Melbourne. While at the last of these, he completed his university studies, supported the Essendon Football Club and developed a generation of young sportspeople, many who went on to play at a high level.

In 1965 he was appointed at St Joseph's where he undertook a full load of classroom teaching and 'led from the front'. Though he kept firm control of the school, he was prepared to delegate some matters, including internal discipline, to others. He completed the building program, including the library, which he planned himself, and a science laboratory. He also oversaw the phasing out of boarders at St Joseph's in 1967.

In 1970 Br Carey left St Joseph's to become Principal of Chanel College, he was well respected in the Catholic community of Geelong. With his handball and football days behind him, his favourite activity was to stroll the playing fields with his two labradors called "Whiskey" and "Soda".

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