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Article by Mark Kennedy
Acting Principal

Term 2 has started really well and I would like to thank the SJC community for your support with having our students prepared for a smooth start. Our uniform audit has been effective so far and when worn well there is no better school uniform around. Let’s continue to reinforce the blazers being worn to and from school with the ties done up and shirts tucked in as they leave the house in the morning.

Then Jesus said to Thomas, “Reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and reach your hand here, and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving, but believing.” And Thomas answered and said to Him, "My Lord and my
God!" Jesus said to him, "Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

In 2019 I had the privilege to go on the “Footsteps of Edmund Rice Pilgrimage” which took me to Kenya for nine days to see the current work of the Christian Brothers in and amongst the slums and then nine days in Ireland where the journey began for the Christian Brothers under the leadership of Edmund Rice. John’s Doubting Thomas scripture post-Easter resonates with me as sometimes we as people need to see to believe. This pilgrimage for me really opened my eyes to the poverty that dominates developing countries and the positive impact that education can have on such communities. I was able to see the places where Edmund Rice grew up, where he worked, and where he set up multiple schools around Ireland. Seeing these places helped me better understand the story of Edmund Rice and commit to the EREA ethos each and every day.

Believing for young people, however, is a notion that they often cannot find peace with. They live in a fast pace, ever-progressing world hinged on scientific theory and evidence. It is becoming harder and harder for them to believe in something that they cannot see. Edmund Rice Day allows us to further unpack the teachings of Jesus and Edmund Rice that aims to give them hope in their faith, and allow them to open themselves fully to the communion they share with God, even when they are sometimes blind to it. By fundraising $30 each or $50 per family they are taking a step towards helping others and believing they can make a difference. We look forward to a terrific Edmund Rice Day on 13 May.

We wish our Year 12s all the best this week as they embark on their Year 12 renewals which sees them head to leafy destinations around the state with minimal distractions. They will all have time to stop and reflect on their journeys thus far and look at who they are now and plan and discuss who they want to be in the future. The staff share personal reflections linked with the EREA touchstones and it is truly a special time for the Year 12s.

Finally, I would like to welcome the following teachers to our community for term 2. Michael Diamond, Andrew Read, Andrew Clements, Michael Pritchard and Julia Mitchell. We also welcome back Jason O’Connell from leave.

We welcome the following support staff to the College this term: Jodie Warrick - Events and Community Development, Roxy Curren – Ed Support, Noreen Pantazis – joining Canteen staff from 9 May.

We also offer a belated welcome to staff who joined us during term one: Crystal Priestly as a teacher, Todd White as a tutor and Oscar Irwin, Ethan Wright and Matthew O’Brien as part of our Education support team.

We also congratulate Laura Gordon who has been appointed as Head of the Learning Resource Centre and Luke Guy who has accepted the appointment as College Librarian.

Last week Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) announced their new governance and structure,  I ask families to make themselves familiar with the attached document. 

What is Edmund Rice Day 2022 All About?
Article by Mark Kennedy & Student Leaders
Acting Principal & College Captains

The last two years have proven what an outstanding community we have at St Joseph’s. We have met every challenge and cared deeply for one another, particularly those who have been doing it really tough. One of the most outstanding achievements of 2021 was us contributing over $40,000 to support the community of Kensekka in Uganda where illness, death and lost employment was even more significant than in Australia.

Uganda has no social security system, (no job keeper or job seeker and for many no job!) which has made life incredibly difficult. St Joseph’s Vocational Secondary School in Kensekka was closed for many months during which students had no access to education and remote learning is not possible. Education is the only thing that can break the poverty cycle.

In the last two decades we have bought the land for the school and for the growing of food, built a dam with a pump and tank to supply clean water, built one classroom block and toilet facilities, and supported the growing of coffee to provide school income. In 2022 the majority of the funds raised on Edmund Rice Day will be used to complete the construction of three additional classrooms to allow courses in tailoring and bricklaying to be run. 

Some funds will also be deployed to assist with organisations including the CARITAS appeal for Ukraine .The employment of a librarian at a school in Viqueque. Timor Leste. Locally, for Edmund Rice Camps where they create a world where children and families who have experienced trauma and adversity can thrive and belong, Samaritan House (accommodation for homeless men) and Lifeboat Geelong, who provide a pastoral support service for survivors of sexual abuse.

This year the College celebrates the feast day Edmund Rice on Friday 13 May. On that day we celebrate our identity and help those less fortunate. This year I hope that you will encourage your son’s involvement on the day and support the fundraising effort. As Abraham Lincoln so succinctly reminds us “When I do good. I feel good”.

You can donate to Edmund Rice Day at 

News Articles
News from the Deputy
Article by Lisa Pope
Deputy Principal

This term, whilst Mark Kennedy is Acting Principal, I will be overseeing both the Wellbeing and Learning Portfolios. The start to Term 2 has been relatively smooth, and we welcomed a number of new students who sought enrolment to the College. The Year Level and House Coordinators also introduced a Uniform Audit which took place in the second week of term, to ensure our students are presenting themselves according to the College’s Uniform Policy. Parents will be informed via email if their child is not presenting in the correct manner.

The wellbeing focus for Waterford students in the first few weeks of term will include Career Planning, a presentation from Robbie Noggler from the Victorian Police, leading into e-safety and cyber safety awareness. The Year 8 students will also have Life Changer presentations in weeks 2 and 3. The students at Westcourt will continue to work through the Man Box, a Jesuit social Services program about identity and healthy masculinity. The students at Mt Sion will also be involved in Career Planning sessions as well as listen to a presentation from Richie Hardcore, who is a speaker and activist in family and sexual violence prevention, as well as mental health and fitness. Richie's presentation will be followed up with wellbeing lessons focusing on changing attitudes.

The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs and provides evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience.

Throughout 2022, we will be working closely with The Resilience Project to support the wellbeing of our school community. I would also like to highlight Martin from the Resilience Projects Parent and Carer Hub access.

Our Partnership Program consists of online presentations and weekly lessons for students, professional development for staff, and Parent & Carer Hub (inc. digital presentations) for our parent and carer community.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the Parent & Carer Hub with you. The videos are 5-10 minutes long and will walk through the key pillars of resilience: Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness. You’ll hear stories and be introduced to activities to show how these strategies can support our kids' learning and development, and also support you as parents and carers.

This program is an important part of our school’s effort to look after the mental health of our community.

View the first presentation of the series here: Part 1: Meet Martin and learn about The Resilience Project -

For mental health resources and support information, visit The Resilience Project’s Support Page.


We would like to thank all parents and students who were involved in our Parent Student Teacher Interviews that occurred over the last two days of term one. We hope for those parents who were able to attend, that you were able to obtain some valuable feedback on how your child is performing at the College.

Our students in Year 7 and Year 9 will take part in online NAPLAN each morning from 9.00am on Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 May. For ease of convenience, we ask parents to avoid making appointments on these mornings, to avoid having to administer several catch up sessions. Students who are absent, will be followed up for catch up sessions the following week. As we now participate in NAPLAN online, it is also important that our students charge their laptops overnight for ease of administration. The link to the Parent and Carer Information pamphlet can be found below:

I would also encourage parents to note other important Assessment Dates for this term:

  • Year 10 Academic Testing Periods 1 - 4 on Wednesday 8 June
  • Year 8 Academic Testing Periods 1- 4 on Thursday 16 June
  • Year 8 Exam Week (English and Math) Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 June
  • Year 9 Exam Week Tuesday 14 to Thursday 15 June
  • Year 10 and 11 Exams starting on Friday 10 June to Thursday 16 June.
Identity News
Article by Mary Malone
Identity Coordinator

St Joseph’s ANZAC Day Ceremonies 2022

As a St Joseph’s Community, we gather each year to acknowledge the ANZAC Spirit and we did so in an online ceremony at the Edmund Rice Campus and reflected on the theme of “Legend”. We recalled ‘The Josian’, the original College Magazine that was first published in 1944. It listed a total of 133 former students who saw military service during the Second World War, of whom nine died. Our Year 10 College Touchstone Leaders shared the story of our very own legend, John McNeill. John McNeill was an inspiring student and role model whom we can proudly call a St Joseph’s Legend. He enlisted in the RAAF in March 1940, and in April 1941 Sergeant/ WAG John McNeill set sail from Australia, arriving in Singapore on 11 April. Travelling between the Royal Air Force in Kota Bharu and the Royal Australian Air Force in Northern Malaya, he was returned to Singapore as the Japanese launched concurrent attacks on Malaysia and Pearl Harbor on 7 and 8 December. John was later killed in a flying battle over Singapore on 18 January 1942, aged 23, he was the first St Joseph’s boy to be killed in action. McNeill was a great leader who was beloved by both his family and our St Joseph’s community and his legend lives on in the much-prized Mc Neill Cup.

Westcourt ANZAC Commemoration

On Wednesday 27 April we had our Westcourt ANZAC ceremony, to remember Australians who have served and are serving currently. We gathered to pause, remember and honour the sacrifices that they made and the bravery and courage that they showed. We were joined by two veterans David Sikorsky and Neil Smith from the Vietnam War, who gave us a better understanding of why celebrating ANZAC Day and remembering is so important. Lest we forget.

Callum W - Year 9 Touchstone Leader

Head of Student Wellbeing, Luke Parsons and Head of Westcourt Learning, Lauren Hall together with the three Westcourt Campus Captains to lead the Commemorative Ceremony.

The Westcourt Gym was filled with the fragrance of rosemary as representatives from each homeroom lit a candle and brought forward rosemary to remember and honour all those fallen soldiers. They especially remembered many of our very own past Joey's boys or loved ones of families who have fought in war and have lost their lives or suffered injury or trauma.

Candles are a symbol that represents the light of Christ, light needed when in a world of darkness. We also remembered those people around the world who are still experiencing war and acts of violence. The light of our candles symbols of hope to bring peace and healing to all those affected by war and suffering, and in any current conflict around the world. Since ancient times the rosemary herb has been believed to have properties to improve memory. Perhaps because of this, rosemary became an emblem of remembrance.

The song ‘Spirit of the Anzacs', was played Sung by Lee Kernaghan, Guy Sebastian, Sheppard, Jon Stevens, Jessica Mauboy, Shannon Noll and Megan Washington. A moving tribute to those who have given their lives, those who have served, and those that still today step bravely into the unknown to serve our country.

The Keynote Speaker David Sikorsky, gave an inspiring and reflective speech. David is an American soldier who came over to Australia during his time of active duty. It was then he met his now long time wife and he has remained here ever since. David is very busy working with local veteran organisations particularly supporting veteran welfare. David Sikorsky and Neil Smith, a fellow veteran joined the student leaders and some staff for morning tea whilst generously answering students’ questions, sharing stories and their wisdom.

The Ode

At the going down of the sun

and in the morning

We will remember them.

Lest we forget.

Mary Malone - Director of Identity

Careers News
Article by Karen Shum
Careers Coordinator

Careers News - April 2022

Click on the link to view the latest Careers News update

Edmund Rice Day Donations

Edmund Rice Day is fast approaching, please take the time to make sure you have your donation in.

It is sure to be a busy day with students starting the day with a Liturgy, followed by the cross country / walkathon, then an afternoon filled with fun activities! 

For more and information and to donate go to: 

Edmund Rice Day 2022

Pat Bourke Gallery Exhibition
Article by Laura Martin
Visual Arts Technician

The current exhibition featured in the Pat Bourke Gallery has a focus on the use of bold colour and line from students from the Year 8 2D Art Colour Explosion subject, and some playing and manipulation of light and form from Year 10 students in Photography.

Year 8 students created vibrant still life artworks, drawing directly from observation of a composition of bottles, books and plants on their tables. The students were tasked with using a limited colour palette of analogous colours which challenged them to recreate the tone and shape of the objects in a monochromatic composition. Inspiration was taken from artists such as David Hockney and Margaret Preston, whose still life works demonstrate an exaggerated and bold expression of colour while staying true to the form of objects.

Students also had the opportunity to further develop these skills of colour application in their Impressionist landscape paintings. Choosing one of their own photographs of a landscape or one that they had found during their research, students drew the landscape on canvas and painted them using acrylic paints. With access to a variety of brushes, students were able to recreate the Impressionist style using stippling, scratching, dabbing and blending brush techniques. By layering many tones of colours, the illusion of light, dark, depth and form was created.

Some Year 8 students had the opportunity to experiment with lino cutting, a printmaking technique where students carve out their design on a piece of linoleum, which is then inked with a rubber brayer and pressed onto paper. This particular art form lends itself to the element of line to create shape, contrast and at times, the illusion of tone. The concept behind their designs was to portray a message of social justice through visual imagery only. Many prints were made from the same lino plate, printed on various papers to get different effects which were then turned into artists folding books. Some books have been hung from the ceiling, cascading down while others lay flat or fold-out sideways.

Year 10 Photography students went on an excursion to the Geelong Botanic Gardens for a chance to use analogue cameras. Students were encouraged to think about how best to utilise black and white photography to emphasise contrast and tone in their images, while adopting different composition styles in an outdoor setting. The use of focus, aperture, shutter speed and ISO are important considerations when using a film camera manually. The negatives were developed collaboratively in class and students worked in the darkroom to develop a final image of their choice from their negatives.

The digital aspect of the Year 10 Photography class looked at the manipulation of light and how to capture that in an image. Students were to consider the use of lighting and props to create shadowing or emphasise light, while also factoring in the time of day, placement of the camera and compositional techniques.

The Pat Bourke Gallery is open for visitors during school reception hours. For questions about the exhibition, please email Laura Martin at [email protected]

Sustainability Matters
Article by Kelly Jenkins
Sustainability Coordinator


Every day - CUT THE WRAP

Wednesday 4 May Kokedama Workshop, Edmund Rice Campus

Monday 9 May Kokedama Workshop, Westcourt Campus

Wednesday 11 May Tree Planting, Lunchtime activity, Edmund Rice Campus

Wednesday 18 May Enviroservice, Sustainable cubbies (Yr12 students only)

Monday 23 May New Street Drinking Station Revamp, Westcourt Campus

Wednesday 25 May Recycling Workshop with Christian College

Tuesday 31 May Enviroservice, (3:30pm-5:30pm), Edmund Rice Campus

Wednesday 15 June Tree Planting, lunchtime activity, Edmund Rice Campus


With the theme "Invest in our Planet", Year 10 Religious Education students spent time in the various garden areas around the Edmund Rice Campus (including the Reconciliation and “Otways” garden) to reflect and appreciate the biodiversity introduced over recent years, as they maintained each garden bed area. Sustainability leaders have also been productive, maintaining the various planter boxes around the College. All students have an opportunity to “Invest in our Planet”, by participating in Enviroservice activities as part of their commitment to Service Learning. The next Enviroservice will be conducted on Tuesday 31 May from 3:25pm-5:30pm. Students must sign up by Friday 13 May.


With yet another year of lockdowns and extreme weather events, our “Bras for Fiji” collection campaign will be particularly important for recipients this year, as many Fijian families have now endured two years without a steady income. A collection day will be conducted in conjunction with our Mother’s Day breakfast celebration on Monday 9 May. We encourage families to extend the celebration of Mothers across the globe by supporting our Bras for Fiji Campaign.

bras for fiji

Friendly Football Game Against Geelong College
Article by Chris Lynch

In the final week of Term 2 our two Senior Football teams played their second friendly match of the term, this time against Geelong College.

An inexperienced 1st XVIII team travelled down to Geelong College Main Oval after school on Wednesday and matched it with Geelong College throughout the game. Lachlan M kicked the only goal of the first quarter before Geelong College hit back over the next two quarters to lead narrowly at three-quarter time. A brilliant goal from the boundary by Zachary B kept us within reach in the final term but Geelong College were too strong on the night, going out 10-point victors. Ryan C and Daniel C were outstanding throughout the match whilst Francesco P – one of the few Year 11s that played – Charlie C and Charlie H also impressed.

A fresh 24 Year 10 players to the one that took on St Ignatius a week earlier took on Geelong College at Elderslie Reserve on Tuesday afternoon. Although lacking experience together, the boys played a phenomenal brand of team football and kicked away in the last quarter to win by 39-points. Ben C, Nicholas S and Giuseppe P all kicked two goals in outstanding performances, with Jai A, Alfie W and Harry S also amongst the best players.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for the boys to pull on the famous SJC jumper, many of whom did this for the first time.

Both our 1st XVIII and Year 10 teams kick off their season in early term 2 and we look forward to following their journey.

1st XVIII Football Friendly

Wednesday 6 April

SJC Geelong 3.3 (21) def by Geelong College 4.7 (31)

SJC Geelong





Geelong College





GOALS: Lachlan M 1, Cooper V 1, Zachary B 1,

BEST: Ryan C, Daniel C, Francesco P, Charlie C, Charlie H, Patrick F, Max P, Lachlan I

At Geelong College Main Oval

Year 10 Football Friendly

Tuesday 5 April

SJC Geelong 10.12 (72) def Geelong College 5.3 (33)

SJC Geelong





Geelong College





GOALS: Ben C2, Nicholas S 2, Giuseppe P 2, Oliver S 1, Jai A 1, Noah C 1, Jesse M 1

BEST: Ben C, Jai A, Alfie W, Harry S, Nicholas S, Giuseppe P, Jesse M, Charlie N

At Elderslie Reserve, Newtown

P&F Trivia Night

The P&F Trivia Night will be returning in 2022 on Friday 3 June!

Book your team of 6-10 people today! This is always a really fun night out with friends, BYO drinks and snacks for your table and enjoy testing out your brainpower.

Family and friends are welcome to join the fun.

Tickets $25

Funds raised will go towards SJC Mental Health First Aid Training.

Scattered People Film Screening

St Joseph's College and the Combined Refugee Action Group present a screening of "Scattered People" with special guest speaker: Fran McAloon, Executive Member of CRAG.

Scattered People

Produced by John and Lizzi Swatland

When Australian musicians go into a Brisbane detention centre to share music, they meet two Iranian musicians, Mas and Saha, who sing on their three albums.

Missy Higgins, John Butler, Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire), Katie Noonan, Michael Franti, Archie Roach, Dan Sultan, and Robbie James talk about the power of music, its ability to break through barriers, unite people and create shared experiences.

What does the music we produce, sing and listen to tell us about ourselves, our country and life experience?

Academics, psychologists and refugee specialists talk about the role artistic expression plays in building personal and national identity, and the healing power of creative expression and shared stories.


Event Guidelines during COVID-19

Due to the uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has created around holding public events, we would like to reassure our future guests of the following:

All of our events will be held in accordance with the latest COVID guidelines. Guest and staff wellbeing will be our priority.

At this stage, current vaccination status is not required to be shown for event attendance, however we will be ultimately bound by the current rules on the day of the event.

If restrictions prevent a scheduled event from occurring, we will attempt to reschedule. If rescheduling is not practical, then tickets to the event will be fully refunded.

Guests unable to attend our event due to being unwell, awaiting COVID tests or restricted by quarantine regulations can contact us to organise a refund.

We look forward to continuing to host a variety of events for our community to enjoy. Thank you for supporting St Joseph’s College Geelong.

Mens Mental Health Week An Evening with Wayne Schwass

Saint Ignatius College would like to invite your community to our upcoming 'Men's Mental Health Week Evening with Wayne Schwass from the Puka Up Movement,' on Monday the 20th of June at 6.30pm.

Please see below the Trybooking link for your community to register for their free tickets.

We look forward to welcoming your community to this event.

Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group

As part of its Reconciliation Action Plan activities Uniting Barwon works with Geelong’s local community Reconciliation Group to advance Reconciliation in the Geelong Community.

Attached is an information sheet from Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group that gives details about activities it is involved in and links to material about the Wadawurrung people.

If you have any queries please contact Des Younghusband on 0417 354515 or [email protected]

SJFNC 50 Year Celebration Dinner