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Principal's Video & Blog - Issue 16
Article by Tony Paatsch
College Principal

Dear parents and carers

In addressing Year 12 students and families at the Graduation Mass earlier this term, I suggested that many students who may have had a difficult pathway through secondary school can be considered successful because the way they live their lives shows the influence of their St Joseph’s education. The values they have acquired equips them well for relationships and interactions throughout their lives. I also know that we equip students well for tertiary study and work.

We recently received a report from the Australian Centre for Career Education which was highly complimentary of the way our program assists students to identify and prepare for their choice of career. The findings highlighted a strong performance in six of the seven elements investigated. It affirmed our comprehensive ‘Strategic Plan for Careers’ and the support of school leadership regarding the importance of careers. The report commented that the SJC Careers Program is comprehensive and sequenced, with clear aims, based on appropriate activities. It noted that all students from Years 7 – 12 undertake careers activities, as well as maintain and update their Career Plan.

The report also affirmed the outstanding work of College careers practitioner Karen Shum and I would like to add my affirmation of Karen’s work.

Last Monday night we welcomed boys and families of Grade 6 students to an information night prior to them commencing Year 7 in 2023. Part of my message to parents was about the importance of strong support and communication between family and school. In particular I emphasised that often our immediate reaction when our child is ‘in trouble’ at school and ‘upset’ because of it, is to immediately leap to their defence. I reminded parents that this is seldom helpful and often prevents genuine learning from taking place. It is important that boys learn that their actions have consequences and if we step in to prevent them from learning this important life lesson we do them no favours.

St Joseph’s teaches and implements respectful relationships and we have rigid expectations that all interactions between staff students and parents will be respectful. We have noticed an increase in the prevalence of parents being disrespectful and demanding in their interactions with teachers. Very occasionally verbal and written contact from parents has been abusive. Staff have been directed that they are to politely end any call of this nature, notify senior staff and forward any written abuse to senior leadership for follow-up.

We have individually prepared codes of conduct for staff, students and parents respectively. When families enrol and teachers are employed, each of us commits to following all aspects of these codes. These documents are available on our website and I include linkages to them for your convenience

Parent Code of Conduct link 

Those of you who read the Geelong Advertiser may have seen front page headlines reporting compensation payments to survivors of sexual abuse which occurred at the College over 30 years ago. I wish to confirm that such payments are wholly provided by the Christian Brothers order and the College does not make any financial contribution. The Christian Brothers have responsibility for all matters which occurred prior to 2008 when their Australian schools, including St Joseph’s, became the responsibility of Edmund Rice Education Australia.

We cannot rewrite history, but it is important that we acknowledge and learn from it. The College fully supports justice for all survivors of abuse of any kind. In 2001 St Joseph’s made a public apology to all students who suffered abuse of any kind while enrolled at the College and Edmund Rice Education Australia offered a national apology in 2018. We currently have a robust and comprehensive suite of child safeguarding measures that ensure that every current St Joseph’s student is absolutely safe at all times inside and outside school.

Last week our new College leadership team was inducted. Congratulations to College Captain; Jaeger F and Deputy Captains; Matteo B and Jesse C and their team. I look forward to working together with our student leaders to maintain and strengthen St Joseph’s culture and maintain our status as the pre-eminent educator of boys in the Geelong region.

God Bless

News Articles
News from the deputy
Article by Lisa Pope
College Deputy Principal

End-of-Year Examinations

Best wishes to all students completing their Unit 3-4 VCE examinations over the next three weeks. It is a pressured time, and we hope the revision strategies and support which was put in place help them to rise to the occasion. VCE results will be released to all students on Monday 12 December at 7 am.

The following examinations for students in Years 8 to 11 will occur on the following dates:

  • Year 11 Monday 21 November through to Thursday 24 November
  • Year 10 Monday 21 November through to Thursday 24 November
  • Year 9 Tuesday 22 November through to Thursday 24 November
  • Year 8 Tuesday 22 to Wednesday 23 November

All students and parents will be sent an exam timetable from the Head of learning of their subschool outlining the schedule and any specific requirements.

Note: Years 11 and 10 students will not be required at school if they do not have an examination, to enable students to study from home.

Booklists Update

Each year students in Year 10 and VCE have the opportunity to purchase their English novels early. It is recommended by the SJC English teachers that students purchase their novels early for reading during the holiday period. This is particularly important for 2023 Year 12 English and Literature students as they will be using some of these texts during Headstart in 2022. 

To Order Early English Novels Online

Please order your novels online by Friday 4th of November by visiting the Campion website and using the code MH3J.

A selection of 2023 Booklists are also currently available via the Campion website: 

  • Year 7 2023 Booklist
  • Applied Learning Booklist
  • VCE Units 1-4 Booklist

Current families can visit the 2023 Booklist Information page on our website for further information on ordering and links to the current booklists available to SJC students. 

Further Year Level Booklists will be finalised and released to parents by 8 November.


A reminder all students in Years 7 - 11 will take part in Headstart beginning Monday, November 28 to Thursday, December 8. Students will be placed in their classes for 2023, and they will have their 2023 timetable available to them in SIMON the weekend prior. Headstart enables our students to begin their courses early, especially in preparation for those students studying their VCE, as well as supporting the transition of our junior students so they are familiar with their new learning environments, classmates and teachers.

Identity News
Article by Mary Malone
Director of Identity

Koling Wada-Ngal Day

Last Monday we celebrated Koling Wada-Ngal Day which means ‘Let Us Walk Together’ in Wadawurrung language. The day was a combined effort with our fellow Geelong Catholic schools.

Our Fire Carriers, along with other student leaders, actively promoted the day as a fundraiser for the Opening the Doors Foundation with all homerooms. On the day, they helped to sell donuts in the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags and participated in the event enthusiastically. With terrific weather, lots of participation from staff and students, we joined our 2023 College Captain Jaeger F, 2023 First Nations Captain Oliver A and FIRE Carriers on a reflective solidarity walk waving the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian flags on Zampatti oval. FIRE Carrier Salia N led our reflections at checkpoints of significance around the oval ending at a gathering in our Reconcilation Garden. Funds were raised by purchasing a donut for the ‘Opening the Doors Foundation’, who help give access to Education support for Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, while music by First Nations artists was played on the Zampatti football scoreboard.

Ben McDowall, First Nations Coordinator

Fire Carrier Commissioning Ceremony

‘Wear these badges with pride and as an outward sign of Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education at St Joseph’s.’

It was with great anticipation that we prepared to gather as a school community to begin our Student leadership Investiture with our 2022 Fire Carriers leading the Fire Carrier Commissioning Ceremony. The Fire Carrier Commissioning Ceremony marks one of the most significant ceremonies at St Joseph's College. Fire Carriers commit to being Friends Igniting Reconciliation Education at St Joseph’s. Our St Joseph’s Reconciliation Action Plan vision calls us all as a St Joseph's College community to be committed to the achievement of authentic reconciliation, justice, equity, equality and healing through active acknowledgement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories and cultures. As our 2023 Fire Carriers stood around the FIRE bowl, Sue Collins our Koorie Education Worker passed on the warmth of the fire and a blessing, igniting the Fire Carriers to, ‘to be living flames that will ignite the Fire of the New Dreaming of True Justice, Love, Compassion and Hope for the world’.

Student Leadership Investiture Ceremony

‘The new leaders are challenged to now go forward, as those before them have, and be a light for others.’

We welcomed Fr Jaycee Napoles from St Mary of the Angel’s Parish to lead us in prayer and the blessing of our 2023 student leaders. Our special Guest Speaker, Old Collegian Bill Mithen (1982- 1986), inspired our community with his valuable insights into the qualities of leadership and the importance of building relationships. He is a strong and active advocate for social justice which aligns strongly with the Give Where You Live Foundation’s purpose to build a fairer community, which our Touchstones support. We congratulate all of our 2032 Leaders to be led by Captain Jaeger F, our two deputy College Captains, Matteo B and Jesse C who have made a positive start to their new roles participating in the Investiture Ceremony.

We give gratitude for the strong legacy of teamwork left by the 2022 leadership team led by Paddy F, Arden C and Seamus R who respectfully combined to support the many initiatives across the Identity Team areas of participation in Student Leadership programs, our Faith Development through participation in Masses and liturgies, Touchstone Assemblies, Service Learning advocacy and participation, Sustainability initiatives, First Nations Reconcilation actions, EREA Beyond Boarders Global Classroom and advocating events for Refugees and asylum seekers. May they be blessed with our college values of compassion, integrity and innovation as they move on to be Young Collegians in our Geelong Community who live the touchstones of Gospel Spirituality, Justice and Solidarity, Inclusive Community and Liberating Education. May they keep their faith in times of gratitude, times of need or hope and in time of celebration knowing, ‘Anything is possible with God’ (Lk 18:27)

News & Information from the College Office
Article by Bernie Carthew
Office Manager


Westcourt and Edmund Rice Campus have an online purchasing option for the Canteen.

This is a great way to ensure your child receives their choice of food. They also receive it first as orders take priority for collection.

Westcourt students go to and choose Westcourt Canteen.

Edmund Rice students go to and choose Edmund Rice Canteen.

Orders need to be placed by 8.45am for the same day collection. Parents can login and order ahead of time or repeat orders for certain days.

Please email [email protected] if you have any trouble logging on.


The College is extremely grateful to the families who donate their second-hand uniforms. These uniforms are washed and dry cleaned before the College can pass them on to those families in need of support.

Any uniforms that you no longer require please send into reception. We ask that the uniforms are not stained, torn or in bad condition.

Many thanks in advance for your generosity.


St Joseph’s College pays an annual subscription for all families to use the sustainable school shop. This shop can be accessed at

  • How it works...
  • Register & search for sale ads for free
  • You contact the seller directly
  • List your items for sale
  • Buyers will contact you
  • You arrange where & when to transact
  • For Great Results
  • List wanted Ads for items you need and we will find who has the most of these, or the cheapest
  • List for Sale Ads and quickly sell your items too!
  • List texts by ISBN and the quality and the site will supply you with a recommended price to sell.
  • Fantastic Second-hand Uniform Trading System

Australia's best and most valued. Because it works!

Year 7 booklists for 2023 and the Early English Novel booklists for 2023 (Years 10, 11 & 12) are already available from the site. The other booklists will be added within a week or two.


Please note the College Policy is that if a student is feeling unwell they are to advise their teacher and report to reception.

Students are not to ring, email, or text their parents to ask them to collect them if they are unwell. The reception staff assess the wellbeing of the student, monitors their illness / injury and places them in sickbay. If deemed necessary, the staff will call home to have the student collected or if serious they will call an ambulance first and then call home. Students contacting parents creates an issue whereby staff do not know the student is unwell and therefore the student's welfare is not monitored.


Secondary school immunisations are provided to students in Year 7 (HPV and diphtheria-tetanus-whooping cough) and Year 10 (meningococcal ACWY). Due to COVID-19 interruptions to school-based learning, there are a number of students in Years 7-12 who may have missed these important vaccines.

This puts students at an increased risk of illness including cervical and other HPV related cancers and diseases for which they are being vaccinated against.

If your child missed out on their school-based vaccinations, speak to your GP or Barwon Health Vaccination Centre on 4215 6962, about how they can catch up.

To see if your child is due for any vaccines, check your child’s immunisation history statement on the Australian Immunisation Register using your MyGov account.

If your child is over 14, they will need to access their immunisation history statement themselves through their own MyGov account or the Medicare mobile app.

Learn why vaccination is important: WHY VACCINATION IS IMPORTANT

Careers News
Article by Karen Shum
Careers Coordinator

Term 4 - Week 3 -Careers News

With so many pathways open after you finish high school, the Careers newsletter is a great place to see what options are available to you and what is coming up in a further learning space


RPV Aboriginal Talent Pool

Are you looking to launch a career in some of Victoria's largest infrastructure projects?

Sustainability News
Article by Kelly Jenkins
Sustainability Coordinator

Term 4 Upcoming Events

22-28 October  National Enviroweek
27 October Enviroservice
7-13 November
 National Recycling Week
21 November
 World Fisheries Day


In recognition of the growing environmental and climate crisis the world faces, National Enviroweek was established as a time for action, education and change. This week students across Australia are called to action, to connect with their local environment and elicit positive changes. In support, several activities have been scheduled for students to participate in throughout the week and help create a positive environmental impact around the college. Activities include: Enviroservice, 30 for 30 House Clean Up Challenge, VCAL gardening, re-introduction of Recycling responsibilities, Indigenous Flora QR Code signage training and introduction of Eddie Coin. In addition, new face pot planters have been distributed throughout the Library and Sustainability room, to create visual impact and interest regarding our wonderful biodiversity.


There was a great deal of excitement amongst students this week, as we launched the first set of Eddie Coins, into circulation on Monday, in celebration of National Enviroweek 2022. I would like to acknowledge staff and students involved; VCAL staff member Andrew Read for his contribution and tireless efforts moulding the first production line, Rebecca Barker and her Year 7 students, for their support and efforts in sorting plastics and VCAL & VITA students involved in washing and sorting plastics. From all accounts, staff and students alike, are welcoming the new Eddie Coin and are supportive of the transition towards a circular economy.

Each Eddie Coin holds the value of $5 and may be utilized as a currency at the canteens or VCafe. Note, the coin must be used in a single transaction. Existing paper canteen vouchers may also be utilized for the remainder of Term 4.


On Monday 17 October, several recycling initiatives were re-instated throughout the College and others were introduced to Mt Sion areas for the first time. Paper and carboard recycling via the blue Paper Ecobins was re-introduced for all classrooms and offices, REDcycling bins were introduced to Mt Sion homerooms for the purpose of recycling soft plastic and white compost buckets were distributed across all eating areas around the College grounds for the collection of all food waste. I would like to acknowledge and thank our Sustainability Leaders and other volunteers for their collective efforts in labelling bins and distributing them where needed.

A reminder to all that in a bid to minimise waste being brought to the College, we are encouraging all students to adopt our CUT THE WRAP approach to making lunches by bringing a re-usable drink bottle and plastic “wrap free” lunch to school each day.

Use the link below for further information regarding the St Joseph’s College Recycling Regime.

( )


A reminder that the Year 7 plastic collection competitions close on Friday 28 October. Collection of all plastic items for the Jane Perkins commissioned artwork in addition to plastics for Eddie Coin, will occur during homeroom. The class with the greatest number of number of 2 and 4 items collected will receive a pizza lunch and the class with the greatest number of sentimental plastic items collected will receive an icy-pole each!


In order to keep the production line running, we are calling on all members of our community to assist in the collection of raw materials needed - Number 4 plastics!

Common items made of Number 4 plastic include; Sauce bottles, Milk bottles and plastic bottle lids. Please ensure donated items are washed and dried before donating and tops are removed from containers. Items may be delivered to Reception at either campus.

Our World Cup Hero

Matthew “Spira” Spiranovic (SJOC 2006) has starred on the football world stage since leaving St Joseph’s, making 39 appearances for the Socceroos, representing Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and being part of the winning 2015 Asian Cup team.

The 188cm defender comes from a Croatian background and grew up surrounded by football from a young age. He came through the juniors at North Geelong and Melbourne Knights, representing Victoria at the Under 14 and Under 15 Australian national championship level.

Matthew was an inspirational leader for SJC on and off the field. Despite the demands of trialling for the Australian national team, Matthew always made himself available for selection – determined and willing to be part of the SJC team. He was intent on bringing the Cup home to the College for the first time, inspiring his teammates to go all the way with a memorable win in the ACC First XI Grand Final under coaches Adam Colak and Jason O’Connell. Matthew played in all games and, in doing so, Spira left a legacy here at Joeys for future generations to “strive for the highest”.

Matthew graduated from the Australian Institute of Sport in 2006, during which time he was awarded the 2005 Weinstein Medal for best junior player of the year by Football Federation Victoria.
At age 16 he played a number of pre-season games with A League club Melbourne Victory before signing with FC Nurnberg in the Bundesliga in Germany where he wore the number 23 shirt during a five-year tenure from 2006-2011. The composed, talented and technically proficient centre-back later joined the Urawa Red Diamonds and also played for Al-Arabi, Western Sydney Wanderers, Hangzhou Greentown and Perth Glory.
At age 25 Matthew started in all three of Australia’s matches at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and four months later won the 2014 AFC Champions League with Western Sydney Wanderers FC. Unfortunately injury ruled him out of the 2018 World Cup.
In July 2021, following two years without playing professional football, Matthew’s career came full circle when he signed a contract with Melbourne Victory, describing his return to the Victorian-based A League club as “living the dream life”.

Join us at 1915 for the SJC Foundation Spring Soiree

Everyone in the College community is most welcome to join us at the SJC Foundation Spring Soiree at 1915 (Federal Mills) on 24 November.

To be part of this enjoyable social evening please click the link below to purchase your tickets. We hope to see you there!

Early English Novels
Article by Dr Michelle McRae
English Curriculum Area Leader

Each year students in Year 10 and VCE have the opportunity to purchase their English novels early. It is recommended by the SJC English teachers that students purchase their novels early for reading during the holiday period. This is particularly important for 2023 Year 12 English and Literature students as they will be using some of these texts during Headstart in 2022.

Order Online

Please order your novels online by Friday 4 November by visiting the Campion website and using the code MH3J.

MYKI Receipts - Last chance to claim student conveyance
Article by Lisa McDine

Please provide any MYKI receipts for 6 or 12 month passes to Lisa McDine ([email protected]) by Monday 21 November 2022 to claim your Student Conveyance Allowance for bus travel in 2022.

Please note this is the last chance to claim for the 2022 school year, in 2023 you can only claim for the 2023 school year.

Community Notices

Le Festival Francais!

Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 October


The Uniting Barwon Book Sale 

The Uniting Barwon book sale will now be held on the FIRST Friday AND Saturday of the month.

The next book sale will be on Friday 4 November and Saturday 5 November 2022, at the Uniting Barwon Grovedale site (272 Torquay Road, corner of Reserve and Torquay Roads) between 10.00am – 2.00pm.

A great range of new and old stock to browse through and all books are only $1.00!

Where appropriate can you please display on your notice boards and/or shop windows. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you there. 

COVID-19 new settings from 12 October
Article by Tony Paatsch
College Principal

The Victorian Government has announced the end of the pandemic declaration and associated pandemic orders with new settings applying from 11.59 pm on Wednesday 12 October 2022.

Please note the following:

  • Students who test positive for COVID-19
    • Should stay home and isolate from school for five days advising the school through the absence procedure.
    • If a student has a scheduled VCE exam during this time they should contact the College immediately for advice.
    • Should not attend school after five days if still symptomatic.
  • Students who are symptomatic but have not tested positive should not attend school as is expected for all health conditions.
  • Students who are symptomatic at school should be sent to reception where:
    • parents/carers will be required to collected the student; and
    • undergo testing for COVID-19.

To date the College has successfully navigated the challenges of COVID-19 and we thank all families in anticipation of your continued cooperation in this important matter.

In Loving Memory

Mrs Flora Read (87 years) passed away peacefully 2 October 2022. Mother of Old Collegian Peter Read (1981) and past Teacher Terry Read (1998-2000), grandmother of Maxwell Read (Year 7). Rest in Peace.

The Markham and Maksymczuk Family are saddened to share the news with the St Joseph's College community that Joseph Henryk Markham (Maksymczuk) (SJOC 1963) passed away on 14 September, 2021 at Caritas Christi Hospice in Kew, Victoria aged 75 years old.

Joe was born on 7 September, 1946 in Eckenforde, Germany to Polish-Belarussian parents and at the age of three, they migrated to settle in Geelong, Australia including his parents and brother.

Joe fondly recalled his experiences through his education at St Joey's including memories on the football field in the First XVIII, meeting his best friend Kevin O'Dowd (dec. 2020) and of the kindness of the College Brothers upon him, his brother Czeslaw and his Mother Marie, upon the sudden passing of his father during his College education.

Joe graduated from St Joseph's College in 1963 Leaving Class to complete a Degree in Banking and Finance at Monash University followed by a successful and fulfilling career at CBC Bank and National Australia Bank before establishing his imports and distribution business and later a chain of retail stores.

Joe was a warm, gregarious, kind and generous soul who had a talent for recognising and capturing opportunities in business, while in his past time he enjoyed music, the arts, travel, reading, sports, cars and embraced life to its fullest potential.

Joe was a loving Husband to Janet, Father to Jennifer and Katherine, Son to Wlodzimierz and Marie (both dec.), Brother to Czeslaw, Grandfather to Archie and Friend to many. Joe is dearly missed, and he rests at Kangaroo Ground Cemetery among friends.

“Our hearts go out to you all as we pray “That God will welcome these faithfully departed into His loving arms. And that precious memories will be of comfort to those left behind, knowing that their love will live on in their hearts forever.”