On Monday 22 November, Sustainability Leaders, together with new Year 7 volunteers and staff members Angela Gionis and Amanda Williamson, came together to learn the art of making terrariums during a lunchtime workshop. Using a variety of ferns, spider plants, and succulents, the students worked in a creative and industrious manner to complete their creations. The completed terrariums will be utilised as the table centrepieces for the ACC Student Leadership Launch on 25 November. The creators will then be able to take their terrariums home for Christmas from Monday 29 November. I would like to thank staff members Nicole Lucas and Danielle Thompson for their donation of plants and Bernie Carthew for initiating this opportunity for students to develop their terrarium-making skills and showcase their creations.


In preparation for our 2022 program, we are keen to collect as many bottle tops (numbers 2 & 4) as possible, to be utilised for recycling/reforming endeavours in the Polymer Recycling Plant (located in the Applied Learning Shed). Bottle tops must be washed prior to delivery to the Reception at either campus. In addition, we are also collecting bread tags to support the “Bread Tags for Wheelchairs” project.