To provide our students with the best possible start to the 2022 school year our students will be completing a one-week Headstart program. The students will begin next year’s semester one timetable for one-week beginning Monday 29 November and concluding on the student’s final day Friday 3 December.

Students should have a copy of their elective subjects from their Homeroom teacher, and next year’s Booklists are available online. The student’s timetable for Headstart will appear in their normal Simon Timetable during that week.

The Headstart week provides the opportunity for our students to:

  • Gain an overview of next year’s subjects and topics to be covered
  • Resources required for their subjects
  • Any holiday reading or course preparation for VCE subjects
  • Expectations for each course
  • To meet and engage with new class members and teachers reducing anxiety at the start of the year