It is good practice to review the College Uniform policy every few years and get buy-in from staff, students and parents. Over the last few months, a team of staff has come together to put forward suggestions. As you can imagine there are a range of opinions on this topic and some feel firm uniform standards are really important whilst others believe less is more. I spoke at our Parents and Friends meeting last month about uniforms and I am interested in people’s thoughts on the following questions that have been raised.

  • Could the quality of the PE shorts and tracksuit be improved?
  • Could we change the colour and design of our PE and uniform socks?
  • Do we like having a different summer and winter uniform?
  • Do we like having a grey jumper for Year 7-9 and a black jumper for Year 10-12?
  • Do we need a rugby top if we have a spray jacket?
  • If we keep the rugby top should we change the design?
  • Should we allow shorts to be worn in Term 2 and 3 with a long sleeve shirt, tie and blazer?
  • Could we design a black SJC scarf that could be optional in Term 2 and 3?

Whilst these discussions are taking place in 2021 there will be no changes made for 2022 that will affect families. If you would like to offer feedback or your opinion on our uniform feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].

A reminder that in Term 4 our students mostly wear their summer uniform. They can wear the winter uniform but still need to ensure their shirts are tucked in, tie done up and blazer is worn as the outer garment. We also notice some students wearing a t-shirt underneath the summer uniform shirts which should not be visible. As the weather warms up we would like to see all students wearing a hat and applying sunscreen to protect their skin.