Throughout Terms 2 and 3 aspiring journalists, artists and photographers across Year 7 and 8 regularly met to design their very own St Joseph’s Newspaper to submit in the Australian Front Page News Competition. The Front Page News competition is an initiative of Channel Nine and Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM). It provides Australian schools and classes with the chance to create their own newspaper of the future. Students brainstormed articles and issues about the school that mattered most to them. These articles ranged from remote learning, the future of learning and SJC, transitioning to high school, environmental issues and Diversity week. The junior news team sought out school leaders and experts for interviews to find the inside scoop around SJC. Students utilised QR codes, virtual links and graphic design to help build what they thought to be a Newspaper of the future. Giving up many of their lunchtimes, the junior news team worked tirelessly to bring all their articles together; even working and compiling data in the numerous lockdowns. The students loved having their voices heard about issues around the school and will find out the results of the competition on 10 November. I would like to thank and congratulate the junior news team on all their hard work and persistence with the SJC Chronicle.

(Year 8: Erik M, Daniel D, Callum W, Connor O, Felix P and Kai D)

(Year 7: Thomas B, Thomas Q, Archie K, Jake Z, Tàigh R and Hamish F).