Identity News

Reconciliation Week

Joeys stands behind the message that the nation needs authentic reconciliation ‘Now More Than Ever’. During Reconciliation Week the college has been busy ensuring that students can engage in activities that genuinely educate them about Australian and First Nations histories, and fosters enthusiasm to actively participate in reconciliation in our community.

We started the week by planting Indigenous plant species in an outdoor space needing revitalization, promoting a culture of taking care of the Land. Students have learned about National Sorry Day, the 1967 Referendum and Mabo Day in class, contextualising the week and commemorating each days enduring significance for our nation. Further to this, many students signed up for a scavenger hunt around the school, locating areas and items of significance for our learning community, such as the Bunjil sculpture in our Reconciliation Garden, and the Possum Skin Cloak which holds pride of place in our reception area.

Later in the week we look forward to our Justice and Solidarity Assembly, which will have a strong focus around Reconciliation. As part of the occasion, the college will welcome back past student Kaleb Owen, who will talk to the student body about the significance of the Possum Skin Cloak, and his role in having one made for our school. The week will culminate in a battle of homerooms, who will compete against each other in a Kahoot trivia about Wadawurrung Country & reconciliation in our Performing Arts Centre.



The college sends its heartfelt condolences to family and friends of the late Uncle Jurrawaa Stanley.

Uncle Jurrawaa Stanley leaves an incredible legacy behind, and was much loved and respected. He supported our community with excursions on Country, curriculum and ceremonies. We will remember his words, his kindness, and his knowledge with love and admiration.

Our prayers are with Nikki and his family.