Deputy News

Timetable Update

The College has finalised the collection of feedback from Parents, Students and Staff as a way of identifying areas that we would like to further explore in our timetable. An area we can change for Semester Two, given the strong feedback from the College community, is the ability to create forty-minute lunch breaks each day. However, this will result in a change of start times on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, when classes will begin at 8.55 am. Wednesday and Friday mornings will remain at 9.00am.

Over the semester, the College Leadership has observed most students are at the College earlier than our 9.00 am start, and the feedback was clear that students were willing to adjust the morning start time to have a longer lunch. This small change on these mornings will help us to meet this request. Another change driven by staff and student feedback is moving our Homeroom times to the beginning of the day if possible. This has been able to be achieved on a Friday where all students will begin with Homeroom at 9:00am. These changes have resulted in slightly different bell times across the week.

Further information on these timetable changes for implementation in Semester Two will be communicated to students in the upcoming weeks, however, it is important to note these changes will not impact subject allocation or time.

Semester Two timetables will be made available to students on SIMON at the end of term.

GAT Day – Student Free

Tuesday 18 June is the General Assessment Test for all students in Year 12 VCE and VCE VM, and any other student in Years 10 or 11 who are completing a VCE Unit 3-4 subject.

Therefore, this day is a student free day, except for all students who are to complete the GAT, as we take this opportunity to run professional learning for all staff in Identity.

The GAT schedule and information will be delivered to all students in the coming weeks, but it is important to note the test is in 2 parts:

Section A

9.00am - 11.15 am – this section assesses skills in literacy (reading and writing) and numeracy.

Section B

1.15pm - 3.00pm - this section assesses general knowledge and skills in mathematics, science, technology, the arts and humanities.

Year 8,9 10 &11 End of Semester Examinations.

Communication has been sent to all families about our college end-of-semester examinations. It is important that our students put their best effort when completing this assessment, as we regard it as great preparation for future examinations and working under the constraints of time and pressure. It is also important that students are well organised in their study preparation and bring the correct equipment for their examinations, under the guidance of each subject teacher.

Students in Years 10 and 11 are not expected at the College during the exam period if they do not have a scheduled examination; however, students are welcome to study there, as outlined in the email sent to parents. Students studying a VCE Unit 3-4 sequence, or at TAFE will be asked to attend these classes if it does not clash with their exam or alternate arrangements cannot be made.

Please note Friday 28 June is a student free day for staff to finalise reporting commitments.

End of Semester Reports

End of Semester reports will be made available on Monday 1 July. These reports will be accessible to students through SIMON and to parents through PAM. All assessment task grades, learning dispositions and judgements against the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards will appear on the reports.

Summary of Key Dates for the end of term:

May 27 – 28 Year 8 Renewals

June 7 Virtual Reality Lab Launch

June 10 Kings Birthday (Holiday)

June 18 The GAT (Student free day for non-participants)

June 19 - 24 Years 8,9,10,11 Examinations

June 24 - 26 Year 9 Careers Week

June 27 Westcourt Expo

June 27 Year 12 CLOGGS Winter Ball

June 28 Staff report writing day (student free)

July 1 Semester Two reports released (pm)

John Mitchell
Acting Deputy Principal – Learning