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Timetable update

Before the school holidays, we surveyed staff and students to obtain feedback on the changes to the 2024 College timetable. Like any change, we will closely monitor the impact across a range of areas within the College including attendance, achievement, student engagement and direct feedback.

A summary of the Staff and Student feedback include:

How do you feel you have adjusted to the timetable?

How have you found starting class lessons at 9 am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday?

Do you find you have enough contact time with your Homeroom?

On Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes have been shortened to 30 minutes. How have you adjusted to these times?

If we were to create more time for lunch on a Tuesday and Thursday, we could change our class start times to 8.50am. Please indicate your preference for this change.

How have you found the time allocation for each of your core subjects each week?

The new timetable provides greater flexibility for students

Year Nine Specific Questions.

Mt Sion Specific Questions

The main areas for further refinement that the survey revealed from students were:

  • The need to have 40-minute lunch times each day (this requires an adjustment to the timetable on a Tuesday and Thursday).
  • Homeroom is not necessarily more effective before lunch, and for organisational purposes where possible in the junior years it is best placed before class.
  • Wednesday timetable structure could be reviewed to have two classes before recess and three classes after recess (this currently runs in reverse).

The College will continue to work with Sacred Heart to address some of the concerns, and we will try to solve some of these issues for Semester 2 if possible.

If you would like to provide feedback on the timetable from a parent perspective, please use this link.

Lisa Pope
Deputy Principal - Learning