Term 2 Upcoming Events

Every day - CUT THE WRAP

Wednesday 1 & 8 June Tree Planting, lunchtime activity, Edmund Rice Campus

Wednesday 22 June UK Artist Jane Perkins visiting Westcourt Campus


On Friday 27 May, we were thrilled to place on display at the Edmund Rice Campus, four wonderful new Indigenous artwork series by local artist Bri Apma Hayes. Bri (a former Clonard student and niece of staff member Sue Collins) is a rising artist and her artwork has also been showcased on the Vixens netball team dresses worn for the recent First Nations Round. In alignment with our commitment to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si goals and our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Bri was commissioned by the school to create artwork to complement our Indigenous food species garden beds in the Paul Tobias Courtyard, with the aim to inspire and engage students to learn more about our precious biodiversity and in particular; indigenous flora and fauna. A narrative of the four series is on display with the artworks.


On Wednesday 25 May, student leaders facilitated a Recycling Tour and Sustainability Initiative workshop with senior students from Christian College and staff Michelle Anderson and David Evans. Following the recycling tour, Sascha W facilitated a Sustainability Initiative presentation and workshop with the aim to inspire and support our visitors to adopt and implement new sustainability initiatives at their College. I would like to congratulate our leaders Sascha W (Year12), Michael A (Year10) and Hamish V (Year7) for their enthusiasm, professional conduct and excellent facilitation of the tour and workshop.

On Wednesday the 25 May, Sasha W, Michael A and myself had the pleasure of taking Tea, Rebecca and Hendrick from Christen College, on a tour of our environmentally friendly school. I was very pleased when Ms Jenkins offered me the opportunity to observe how the older more experienced sustainability leaders do things around the school. I learned a great deal and Tea, Rebecca and Hendrick were very impressed at how sustainable St Joseph’s was compared to other schools.

Hamish V


On Tuesday 24 May, 23 staff members participated in Terrarium and Kokedama workshops as part of our Identity staff meeting activities. The experience of creating a Terrarium or sustainable Kokedama hanging planters, enabled participants to connect with nature in a creative and therapeutic manner. These workshops are also conducted throughout the year for students, with the aim to foster awareness and engagement with our wonderful biodiversity and provide an opportunity to nurture and care for the Natural World, in alignment with the goals of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si and his calling for all to respond to the “Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the poor” and to “Care for our Common home”.


On Wednesday 18 May, senior student leader Samuel D supported our new Sustainability leaders with a “revamp” of the Gate 5 entrance garden beds, conducting maintenance and planting out new Common Everlasting (Chrysocephalum apiculatum) and Little Con (Lomandra confertifolia), where the plantings from 2021 had died. The design of the garden was intended to draw the eyes toward the gate upon entry and the Common Everlasting was specifically selected to add a splash of yellow colour, to compliment the library façade as you enter the gateway.


Over the past fortnight, sustainability leaders have been industrious, planting out new vegetables and herbs across six of the planters and drink stations at the Edmund Rice Campus. On Monday 30 May, four Year 9 volunteers revamped the New Street Drink station at Westcourt, with the addition of silverbeet, lettuce and broccoli. To celebrate Reconciliation week 50 small Murnong/Yam daisy (Microseris lanceolata).