Please let us know if your son experiences a concussion outside of school to enable us to support in his recovery

There has been growing concern in Australia and internationally about the incidence of sport-related concussion and the potential health ramifications, including potential long-term consequences of multiple concussions. Research has shown a slower rate of recovery in children and adolescents aged 18 and under.

With more contact / collision sports played at this time of year such as football, soccer, rugby etc the risk of concussion is increased.

To enable us to support you and your son in his return to study and sport safely, following a concussion, it is important that you notify the school should your son sustain a concussion outside of school.

You can do this when you notify the school of your son’s absence, should he be away due to the concussion, the best way to do this is via PAM or, if he does not require time off for the concussion he sustained outside of school could you please email the information to [email protected]

Please familiarize yourself with the SJC Concussion Policy and discuss the information in this policy with your son(s). The policy can be found on the St Joseph’s website on the College Policies, Codes & Principles page.