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Wednesday 4 May Kokedama Workshop, Edmund Rice Campus

Monday 9 May Kokedama Workshop, Westcourt Campus

Wednesday 11 May Tree Planting, Lunchtime activity, Edmund Rice Campus

Wednesday 18 May Enviroservice, Sustainable cubbies (Yr12 students only)

Monday 23 May New Street Drinking Station Revamp, Westcourt Campus

Wednesday 25 May Recycling Workshop with Christian College

Tuesday 31 May Enviroservice, (3:30pm-5:30pm), Edmund Rice Campus

Wednesday 15 June Tree Planting, lunchtime activity, Edmund Rice Campus


With the theme "Invest in our Planet", Year 10 Religious Education students spent time in the various garden areas around the Edmund Rice Campus (including the Reconciliation and “Otways” garden) to reflect and appreciate the biodiversity introduced over recent years, as they maintained each garden bed area. Sustainability leaders have also been productive, maintaining the various planter boxes around the College. All students have an opportunity to “Invest in our Planet”, by participating in Enviroservice activities as part of their commitment to Service Learning. The next Enviroservice will be conducted on Tuesday 31 May from 3:25pm-5:30pm. Students must sign up by Friday 13 May.


With yet another year of lockdowns and extreme weather events, our “Bras for Fiji” collection campaign will be particularly important for recipients this year, as many Fijian families have now endured two years without a steady income. A collection day will be conducted in conjunction with our Mother’s Day breakfast celebration on Monday 9 May. We encourage families to extend the celebration of Mothers across the globe by supporting our Bras for Fiji Campaign.

bras for fiji