St Joseph's College and the Combined Refugee Action Group present a screening of "Scattered People" with special guest speaker: Fran McAloon, Executive Member of CRAG.

Scattered People

Produced by John and Lizzi Swatland

When Australian musicians go into a Brisbane detention centre to share music, they meet two Iranian musicians, Mas and Saha, who sing on their three albums.

Missy Higgins, John Butler, Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire), Katie Noonan, Michael Franti, Archie Roach, Dan Sultan, and Robbie James talk about the power of music, its ability to break through barriers, unite people and create shared experiences.

What does the music we produce, sing and listen to tell us about ourselves, our country and life experience?

Academics, psychologists and refugee specialists talk about the role artistic expression plays in building personal and national identity, and the healing power of creative expression and shared stories.


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