Unit 3/4 VCE exams

The exams are going quite well and we still have many Year 12 students opting to study together on site and take advantage of their teachers’ expertise and guidance in the timetabled allocations. The first exam was English on Wednesday 26 October and the final exams will be held next Wednesday 16 November. We wish all our VCE Year 12 students the best in this period of time and we offer a big thank you to our Year 12 teachers who work in overdrive to get them prepared.

End of Term 4 key dates and information

Our 2022 classes are all in their culminating stage and many classes will finish teaching explicit content at the end of this week and will start preparing students for the end-of-year exams the following week. Exam week looks different in the three subschools and will be clearly explained to our students in the weekly bulletin, gatherings and assemblies prior.

Waterford – Year 7 students will not be sitting exams but will be completing all task work, projects and assessments. Year 8 students will all sit an English and Mathematics exam together in the gym and will sit other exams in the double lessons of their subject during that week.

Westcourt - Year 9 students will all sit a Think, Mathematics and Science exam together in the Westcourt gym and will sit other exams in the double lessons of their subject during that week.

Mt Sion – Run exams each day but the Year 10 and 11 students are only expected to be at school on the days they have exams. A detailed schedule and set of instructions have been sent out this week to all Mt Sion students and families.

Year 9 into 10 transition - Thursday 24 November

Our Year 9 students will have some closure to their Year 9 journey at Westcourt on this day and will all take part in a morning exam, end-of-year liturgy and final clean up before being bussed to the Edmund Rice Campus for transition. The Year 9s will be greeted with a year level assembly, BBQ, house assemblies and house activities. The aim is to be familiarised into the vertical house structure and become familiar with the Mt Sion learning and behavioural expectations and norms.

Pupil Free day – Friday 25 November

This day is to allow students and staff time to prepare for the Head Start program and classes whilst allowing time to finish off and provide feedback for exams and reports. We will also transition all of our new 2023 students who will be joining the SJC community on this day who will start classes in Head Start.

Head Start program – Monday 28 November

On Monday 28 November all students commence their 2023 timetable with their 2023 teachers. This program allows for quality teaching and learning to take place right until the final lesson on Thursday 8 December 2022, whilst also providing a platform for healthy relationships between teacher and student as our expectations are re-set. The 2023 school year recommences on Tuesday 31 January, 2023.

Child Safety forums with Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA)

EREA have offered face-to-face and online sessions for our staff, students and families in recent weeks. These sessions have provided opportunities for our SJC community to connect with EREA as they communicate and reiterate their child safeguarding commitment as a governing body to all of their schools. All sessions have been valuable and have helped the SJC child safety committee set some healthy goals to continue to grow our child safety culture at SJC.