With the end of term imminent, we will be concluding with our Parent Student Teacher Interviews. For those families who did not feel a need to engage in the interviews, I would still encourage you to read over the mid-semester reports and check any feedback on your son’s assessment in PAM.

Last week we welcomed over two hundred Grade 6 students to the College to complete testing conducted by Academic Assessment Services, which we refer to as Allwell testing. It was great to see the enthusiasm of our new students, as they took on the testing process which provides the College with an overview of how to support our students in learning.

Similarly, we had over three hundred students complete the newly revised GAT, which now is divided into two assessments. As part of the reform of the VCE and VCAL system, all Victorian senior secondary students had their literacy and numeracy skills measured against new standards. These new standards will indicate whether students have demonstrated the literacy and numeracy skills typically expected of someone completing their secondary schooling, providing an indication of their readiness to move on to further education, training or employment. Students who studied a Unit 3-4 VCE or VET scored sequence were then required to sit Section B in the afternoon, which is used to check that VCE external assessments and school-based assessments have been accurately and fairly assessed. During the break between both assessments, our boys enjoyed a BBQ fundraiser to support Disabled Surfing with our staff who had spent the day working on curriculum planning throughout the day.

Last week, our Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN results were released to the College. Each student's test results have been enveloped and mailed home to our families. Currently, there is no other data provided by VCAA to analyse NAPLAN performance, as National and State results have not yet been made available to schools. Congratulations to the following Year Nine boys who received a letter of achievement, being in the top band for the following areas:




Max M

Hieu V

Lachlan W

Alexander M

Gus W

Callum W

Kade H

Nicholas W

Brodie E

Noah B

Zach S

Harrison B

Tommy L

Rindho D

Edward J

Luca C

Ranura J

Luka D

VCE Revision Lectures

In the first week of the school holidays, 19 & 20 September, the College will be holding VCE revision lectures in the areas of: Legal Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics, History Revolutions and Psychology.

The link to book tickets https://events.humanitix.com/sjc-vce-lectures-22

This link is also located on the College website and has been sent to all Unit 3-4 Students.

VCE Unit 3-4 Practice Examinations

In the second week of the holidays, the school will also be conducting Unit 3-4 Trial examinations. These exams are a valuable opportunity for our students to apply their knowledge and skills under the same examination conditions as the end of year to provide feedback on areas our students need to focus and develop. The exam schedule has been sent to both students and parents and we thank our VCE teachers, led by Mr Brad Smith who guides this process to support our students to be well prepared for their final exams.