Remote Learning

Motivation and engagement go hand in hand and lead to better outcomes with wellbeing and learning. There is no doubt going in and out of lockdowns is challenging but it’s important we all pivot and adapt to the face to face or remote learning modes as quick as we can. We have consistent expectations when learning at school and our aim is to try and ensure our students, staff and families are all aware of the remote learning expectations if/when we go into learning online again.

The following information has been shared with the students this week in their year level and house gatherings and we feel important we are all aware of our strategies and procedures to make sure we have smooth transitions, and consistent expectations when our students are learning from home.


  • Homeroom Meetings should be via Teams
  • If you are not in attendance there will be a text message sent to parents by 9.30am
  • Therefore, it will be important that you are ready to join Homeroom by 8.50am
  • Parents/Carers please notify the school of absence in the usual process

Preparing for your Day

  • Check your Class Notices
  • Plan when you need to be online to meet via Teams
  • A planning tool may help with this
  • Read the Messages on SIMON
  • Check your emails

Class Notices

  • All teaching staff have been asked to use Class Notices to communicate their lesson for the day
  • The outline found on Class Notices during remote learning should include;
  • Day/Date
  • Time/ Period
  • Indication of learning: Real Time (Link posted here) or Any Time
  • Instructions

Cameras On

  • Join your Team Meeting with your cameras on please


  • Teachers want to see you
  • Talking to blank boxes is not engaging
  • Enables us to ensure your presence
  • Greater interaction
  • Rolls will be marked


  • Background – such as a blurred background should be used in your settings
  • No screenshots of Teams Meetings
  • If this occurs, it breaches our IT policies and as such serious consequences will follow

Real Time Learning

  • Face to Face Online Meeting via Microsoft Teams
  • SIMON Rolls will be marked for Real Time Learning, therefore, attendance is compulsory

Real time Learning is used for:

  • Wellbeing Check
  • Clarification of Lesson Requirements
  • Lesson Delivery

Any time Learning

  • This is self-directed
  • Follow the lesson instructions
  • If you are unsure of the work required email your teacher for clarification (but remember they may be in other lessons if its outside your scheduled class time)
  • Adhere to due dates
  • No rolls will be taken, but follow up may occur if there is no evidence of work completion

We thank the SJC families for the support you are providing our staff, helping us ensure we are promoting a common understanding, enabling consistent approaches whilst developing a shared commitment, leading to good outcomes for our students.

Subject Selections 2022

Thank you to all staff, students, and parents who have helped to ensure our subject selection process went ahead, whilst the interruptions of remote learning occurred. The process has now closed, and the timetabling team will be working through the process of collating this information, and students will be notified of their choices before Headstart in Term 4.

Important Dates: Mid Semester Reports and Parent Student Teacher Interviews

Mid Semester Reports released to Parents on Friday 27 August (pm)

Bookings for Parent Student Teacher Interviews Open Friday 27 August via PAM

Bookings for Parent Student Teacher Interviews Close Wednesday 1 September (pm)

Parent Student Teacher Interviews Online from Thursday 2 September from 4 pm -7 pm

Parent Student Teacher Interviews Online from Friday 3 September from 9 am – 12 pm (student free day)