Attendance at school is important

  • Missing one day of school each week adds up to 2 months missed over a year
  • Each day absent in high school has an impact on skill development and social connections
  • Maintaining daily routines such as finishing homework and getting a good night’s sleep all contribute to keeping attendance on track. On average, teenagers need 8-9 hours sleep to be healthy and alert.
  • Try not to schedule hair, dental or medical appointments during school hours. Arrange family holidays during scheduled school holidays so that students don’t miss out on classes and feel left behind.
  • If a student wants to stay home to finish an assignment, rather than letting them stay home, expect them to go to school – make attendance the number one priority. Later, you can discuss with them how they can improve their study habits or adjust their schedule.
  • Be sure to set a good example – how you meet your commitments impacts on how they will meet theirs.

Absence from School

School attendance is a high priority at St Joseph’s. Our duty of care demands that we know where students are during school hours, therefore the College must be informed of student absences before 10:00am on the day the student is absent. 

Our preferred method of notification is by SMS to 0427 687 117. This number can only be used for SMS messaging. It will not receive voice calls.  Mobile numbers must be registered with us to use this system.
The College will notify parents by an SMS on their mobile phones if students are absent or late to school without reason. This occurs each day starting at approximately 11:00am. Please ensure the College has your current mobile telephone numbers. 

In order to keep track of student movements, the following passes are required:

Late Pass

If a student arrives late (after 9.00am) he is to report to Reception. A late pass will be stamped into the Student Diary and this must be shown to the teacher along with a satisfactory explanation or parental note before entry to the class is granted. 

Day Pass

If a student must leave the school grounds during the day, a day pass must be filed with Reception.  Normally such a pass is signed by the Year Level Coordinator. The student retains a section of the day pass for identification. Students returning to the College must sign in at Reception. As far as possible, we ask that appointments be made out of school hours.

Students on Extended Leave 

When students are absent on holiday during regular school term:
Parents/carers are to write or email the Principal providing details of why and when the student will be absent from school.  This correspondence will be acknowledged by the College 
St Joseph’s College teaching staff will not provide work for students who are absent from class and miss teaching/learning due to holidays taken in term time, unless organised weeks in advance
course outlines will be provided by the subject teacher and available through the school intranet if requested so that parents can deliver/arrange appropriate instruction through a tutor
it will be the responsibility of the student to arrange alternative dates for assessment task completion prior to his departure
if the student does not submit the assessment work prior to his departure, he may receive a grade NA (not assessed) for each task, or ‘absent’
if the student is absent for a period longer than two weeks, the assessment of his work will be made on the tasks completed for the period of the semester he has been in attendance at school. These absences may have a detrimental effect in subject areas where sequential learning is important.

Attendance at College Events    

The College schedules a number of religious, sporting and cultural events during the course of each school year e.g. Edmund Rice Day, College swimming and athletic carnivals.  These days provide important opportunities for the growth and development of individual students and are critical for the development and celebration of community. Normal classes do not run on these days and the events are an integral part of the education of each boy enrolled at St Joseph’s.  Students must attend all College events as a condition of their enrolment.